Post by Meghan G., Children's Book Buyer When we were visited a couple of months ago by the Director of Marketing for Workman Publishing. Start by marking “Mourad: New Moroccan” as Want to Read: What Mourad Lahlou has developed over the last decade and a half at his Michelin-starred San. To test their latest cookbook "Mourad, New Moroccan" which focuses on modern takes of traditional.


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Moroccan food was never discussed seriously, in the way that French or Italian food was discussed.

First of all, the dish was a showstopper — tantalizingly emerging from the mourad new moroccan with a beautifully golden crust. And second, the flavors were even more stunning, subtly blending together into a richly addictive, savory-sweet meal fit for a holiday table.

Meghan Takes the ‘Mourad: New Moroccan’ Cooking Challenge

After all of that cooking and more, our meal was, quite simply, insanely good, and everyone in attendance was blown away by the flavors. There was not a single dish that disappointed our taste testers, and one of them actually wrote out a several page essay on mourad new moroccan he loved about each and every dish.

So mourad new moroccan reviews of the food from our mourad new moroccan testers, definitely check back next month, when the book releases in our store, for part two of this post featuring their comments. In the meantime, you can take a look at some of these other photos from our party, and start thinking about when you can host your own — after the cookbook hits the shelves of course.

Members of the Clean Plate Club: Elizabeth presenting the just-out-of-the-oven Basteeya.

They go to cooking school. They practice and study. I became a cook in a way that could scarcely have been more different from all of that, in a place so mourad new moroccan from where I ended up that it feels like a beautiful, brightly colored dream.

A Chat with Chef Mourad Lahlou, author of Mourad: New Moroccan

I learned to cook from memory. Let me tell you how. Copyright So begins Mourad: He explains the culture surrounding mourad new moroccan central ingredient, provides a buyer s guide for those who buy commercially, and offers a lengthy section on how to roll and cook it at home.


He also offers a mourad new moroccan of recipes for appetizers, soups, breads including grilled flatbread and harissa rolls, fish, chicken, and lamb. Appealing side dishes include dry-fried okra with melted tomatoes, leek gratin, salt-roasted potatoes, and parsnip risotto.

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  • Mourad: New Moroccan

Lahlou provides an entertaining and appetizing guide to not only Moroccan dishes but the culture of Morocco as well and will introduce many readers to this intensely flavorful cuisine.