This study examines the characteristics, use and effects of the Grad multi barrel rocket launcher. It is part of a series of technical studies on explosive weapons. The BM Smerch (Russian: Смерч, "tornado", "whirlwind"), 9K58 Smerch or 9A . The launchers for the Indian Army's 9K58 Smerch mm multiple rocket launch (MRL) systems will be mounted on . M, U.S. multiple rocket launcher; Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher, mm Indian multiple rocket launcher  ‎Rocket projectiles · ‎Variants · ‎Operators · ‎Similar systems. Pinaka is a multibarrel rocket launch (MBRL) system used by the Indian Army. It was developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation.


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Unlike the BM, the RM has an armoured cab and enough room behind it to allow for the storage of further 40 rockets.

Those rockets can be directly reloaded into launcher at the same time.

Multiple rocket launcher

Modification of RM launch vehicle on unarmored Tatra T truck. European spiny lobster wyrzutnia rakietowa means rocket launcher: This is a modern Polish version with a new fire control system with ballistic computer BFC and navigation system Sigma 30 and a modified launcher based multi barrel rocket launcher the Jelcz PD.

New, modern types of munition were also developed for the launcher: The Helwan Machine Tools Company also produces portable multi barrel rocket launcher with one, three, four and eight launch tubes. The Islamic Jihad also published a clip claiming device mounted used as a multi-barrel rocket launcher on vehicle used for first time in Gaza [18].

On 7 Aprilthe Iron Dome system successfully intercepted a Grad rocket launched from Gaza for the first time. The BM was introduced to deliver overwhelming firepower, designed to attack an area rather than a point target.

BM Smerch - Wikipedia

Computer modelling has shown that when fired multi barrel rocket launcher 20 multi barrel rocket launcher away, a salvo of 40 Grad rockets creates a much larger lethal area of 36 hectares m x m Jelic et al.

In its simplest form, a rocket motor consists of a tube in which fuel is burned, with an opening at one end. The escaping gases cause an equal and opposite reaction on the closed end of the tube, propelling the rocket forwards Ryan, Thrust is generated by channelling the rapidly expanding gases from the burning rocket fuel through one or more nozzles venturi.

The mm rockets for the BM have seven venturis at the rear of the rocket motor.

Multiple rocket launcher - Wikipedia

While rocket motors can contain either liquid or solid fuel, Multi barrel rocket launcher systems fire rockets with motors containing only solid rocket fuel. Unlike a missile, an unguided rocket does not adjust its trajectory in flight to precisely strike the target.

As such, once the BM has fired an unguided rocket, there is no way to alter its course. These are both relatively simple and cheap to manufacture, and they function reliably.

An impact fuze will only detonate the warhead multi barrel rocket launcher it strikes the target, and is armed in flight, typically some m after launch Tohan, n.


The fuze has three primary roles — to ensure safe handling of the rocket during storage, loading, transport, multi barrel rocket launcher launch; to only arm itself a safe distance from the launcher when fired; and to ensure the warhead functions at the correct time.

Cutaway photograph and diagram of an Multi barrel rocket launcher impact fuze photo credit: As the launch system was inspired by and looked similar to the BM which the Germans had nicknamed "Stalin-Orgel" or "Stalin-Organ" the Vielfachwerfer soon became known as the "Himmler-Orgel" or "Himmler-Organ" Types[ edit ] There is two main types of multiple rocket launchers: With tubes or pipes usually in modern times made of steel - non removable from launcher, with possibilities to be reloaded in terrain - battlefield - with rockets manual or semi automatically loaded.

Pinaka multi-barrel rocket launcher

This was most usual type until 21 century. It is more convenient for usage in terrain because it does not request special tools to reload modules and test them before using them on launchers as in other type.

With containers, pods or multi barrel rocket launcher that can be removed from launcher and quickly replaced with same or different types of rockets and calibers.

They are usually reloaded at factory or within specialized equipped army shops.