The worm-gear multi turn pots are often used as trimpots on PCB. Dual-gang pot, Two potentiometer combined on the same shaft, enabling the parallel setting of. Leo Bodnar Multi-turn potentiometer - Bourns S - 10 Turns [10_Turn_Pot] - Precision Potentiometer with bushing mount and wirewound. Power rating of 2W. Find your multi-turn potentiometer easily amongst the 35 products from the leading brands (Sensata, MURRELEKTRONIK, Eaton, ) on DirectIndustry, the.


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Product List Precision Potentiometers: Wirewound Multiturn Potentiometer

With standard potentiometer you cannot drive heavy loads except rheostats. So you should keep multi turn potentiometer mind that there are limits. Depending on material these limits vary but are up to 0. If you have doubts — Ohms law will help.

Last thing I want to touch about pots is resistive material. There are many material used, but most common is carbon which is cheap and good quality for most purposes.

Benefits of using multiturn potentiometers

multi turn potentiometer It has long life and moderate noise level when speaking of audio applications. Other materials are Cermet ceramic and metal composite. They are better quality than carbon with lover noise level and higher stability.

Commonly used in trimpots due to limited number of operations. Other materials are based on conductive plastics that give great characteristics.

Potentiometer - Wikipedia

Mostly found in audiophile applications. And of multi turn potentiometer lets not forget wire wound potentiometers that normally are used in multi turn potentiometer power applications. They are much lower precision with granular resistance steps due to wire windings.

If you need very precise potentiometer then one of best options is to use multiturn precision potentiometers. As their name states — you need to do several knob turns in order to go through scale.


There is no big magic inside such potentiometers — usually multi turn potentiometer screw mechanism is used to slide the wiper.

The more turns potentiometer needs, the more precise values you can set. You can find different multiturn resistors that reach over 25 turns for very fine tune multi turn potentiometer. Lets take a look at one multiturn resistor example found on Rapid electronics.

As an example we can pick 5-Turn Precision Potentiometer used for panel mount. It has been manufactured by Bourns.

Precision Pots Multiturn

The case can withstand heavy rotation load while maintaining parameters within specs. This type of potentiometer is built using wire wound technology and Hybritron conductive plastic coated wire wound.

Life-cycle is rated 1 million shaft revolutions. The repeat accuracy is typically between 0. The service life of these types of potentiometers is typically 1 million to 20 million cycles depending on the materials used during manufacturing and the actuation method; contact and contactless magnetic methods are multi turn potentiometer to multi turn potentiometer position.

Membrane potentiometer manufacturers offer linear, rotary, and application-specific variations. Membrane potentiometers can be used for position sensing.

Precision Pots Multiturn

The top layer is thin glass spaced close to a neighboring inner layer. The underside of the top layer has a transparent conductive coating; the surface of the layer beneath it has a transparent resistive coating.

A finger multi turn potentiometer stylus deforms the glass to contact the underlying layer.