National Human Resource Development (NHRD) has been a critical national policy agenda in the Journal of Management Policy and Practice Vol. 17(2) HOW INTUIT DOES IT 82 October | NHRD Network Journal next gen technology and the adaptation of the same October | NHRD. Tiruchirapalli, Vijaywada, Visakhapatnam, Warangal. NHRD Network Journal. INR. April , PDF, Image: Uploaded file: PDF icon pdf.


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Unlike in the network model, where relationships evolve so that certain functions and processes can be carried out, the care giving model says that the working and reworking of relationships are what shape institutions and maintain them. They have come up with some guiding principles that companies aiming to stand the test of time must adopt: Jainbased on a study amongst computer professionals discusses the dilemmas relating to values in institution building and the implications therein.

Institutional Change Institutions, whether in the non-profit sector, education or business are characterized by inertia which implies that change is not automatic, needs deliberate effort and is rather slow.

This fact often conflicts with the external nhrd journal, which could change rapidly and sometimes disruptively, rendering the institution redundant at worst and catching up at best.

In this framework, institutional change is understood as an outcome of nhrd journal dynamic interactions of contradictions and praxis.


Seo and Creed have identified four sources of contradiction: Seo and Creed say that institutional contradictions do not inevitably lead to institutional change. Human praxis, defined as human agency of a political nature, which, though embedded in existing institutional configurations, attempts nhrd journal influence and secure change in nhrd journal very configurations Seo and Creed,cited in Burns and Nielsen, Praxis is said to comprise three component parts — critical understanding of the existing institutional arrangements, mobilization; and multilateral or collective action to reconstruct the existing institutional arrangements.

Praxis in turn is initiated by the existence of institutional contradictions. Another interesting article nhrd journal the subject of institutional change is that by Blythwhich further reinforces the power of conscious agency in bringing about and influencing institutional change.

National HRD Network (NHRDN) |

Blyth uses the Great Depression of the s and the varying changes it brought about in different countries like the US, Sweden and France to show how the same problem can produce huge institutional nhrd journal simply due to the different ways in which the problem gets defined, which in turn defines the pattern for further ideation.

But, the kind of nhrd journal by these agents about the nature of the problem and its possible resolution defines the direction of change.


Institution building as a Nhrd journal Strategy Dickhout, Denham and Blackwellnhrd journal on a study of 25 companies that had successfully transformed themselves, define six types of strategies that emerged. They found that this strategy was chosen by those looking for long-term improvement rather than shortterm results.

It was feasible in cases where the companies were not in deep trouble, calling for risky decisions and bold actions.

This strategy, according to the authors, is characterized by enabling moves to shape behaviour and performance. Changes are brought about in values, structure and nhrd journal measures.

NHRD Network Journal

nhrd journal Such change is driven by line managers. Organizational Cultures and Nhrd journal Culture is an important defining parameter in institution-building. In the positive version, the top people in the organization are admirable and approachable, superiors are competent and deserve their status, the organization cares about its people, mistakes are forgiven and obstacles overcome.

In the negative versions, obviously, these factors are all opposite and adverse. The implications of the positive and negative versions, while not discussed in the article, would be self-explanatory.

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Leadership and Institution Nhrd journal Kaiser, Hogan and Craig discuss the importance of leadership for the success or failure of organizations and social institutions.

They critique nhrd journal existing literature on leadership, saying that most empirical studies focus on the success of individual managerial careers rather than their success in leading groups, teams and organizations.

Nhrd journal authors propose conceptualizing leadership and evaluating leaders in terms of the performance of the team or organization for which they are responsible. They also critique the studies that attempt to link leadership to organizational effectiveness saying that most nhrd journal these studies look at individual followers, teams and organizational processes rather than outcomes.

Kaiser, Hogan and Craig go on to offer five suggestions for using measures of organizational effectiveness, which are as follows: The use of multiple measures as no single measure can adequately capture organizational effectiveness they quote the Balanced Scorecard as a useful nhrd journal.

Benchmarking organizational outcomes with relevant industry figures since competition is a reality. Measuring outcome criteria nhrd journal a level appropriate to the leader in question e.


Keeping in mind the fact that the time lapse between leader actions and consequences increases with their level in the hierarchy can go up to several years for chief nhrd journal. Using team or unit-level outcomes since objective nhrd journal measures at individual level are hard to obtain and measure accurately.


Institution Building at the Macro Level Eriksen discusses how and to what extent external influences, i.