Finding text in a PDF can be inherently hard because of the graphical nature of the document format -- the letters you are searching for may not be contiguous in. Nitro PDF Editor can help you to edit PDF easily. Replace Pages: Go to Page,then click on Replace,to replace page/pages on Once you click on it, it will allow you to search and select the desired file from your system. PDF Find And Replace - searches and replaces the text inside a pdf file. Edit your pdf in a few clicks!


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Select the Case sensitive checkbox if you want to find the exact word that you type i. Select the Current page only checkbox to restrict your search to the current page of focus only. This nitro pdf search and replace little utility creates picture-perfect PDF files from any program you can print from, and it even leaves the text in documents selectable so you can copy the text out of the PDF file.

Tips on How to Edit PDF with Nitro PDF Editor You Should Know

PrimoPDF allows you to adjust the image quality depending on your intended use for the nitro pdf search and replace, and even allows you to add security to the PDF so a password is required to open it.

I finally came up with a solution to rearrange the pages for free on my desktop. How does this work?


There are lots of other tools that claim to be PDF editors that do little more than add annotations to the pdf. But if you are in a situation when you have a typo in your name, or they got your address wrong on some invoice or any little nitro pdf search and replace annoyance that could be just solved with a quick find and replace, those other tools will not help you.

Go to the Home tab, at the bottom left corner, you should nitro pdf search and replace a "Open" button. Once you click on it, it will allow you to search and select the desired file from your system. Choose your pdf file, then the editor will open it.

To find and replace text:

If you click on this button, a sticky note dialog box will be opened to type and add the important notes for your document. Nitro pdf search and replace you have finished typing,click on cross button to close the dialog box. With this feature, you can mark and highlight the important points of your document.

Click on this button, to add new text to your document. You can adjust font style, font color, font size through this feature.

If you want to sign your document, click on this button to digitally add your signature. It is the comprehensive pdf editor available for windows platform. It has the latest integration with Google drive, dropbox, and OneDrive.

It allows you to connect with Nitro cloud and trigger cloud based online collaboration of files.

PDF Find And Replace

It has intuitive user interface, familiar Microsoft supported ribbons. It is only supported in windows platform. It seriously hangs a lot while working on heavy and larger pdfs, resulting a very slow performance.