When her rental car has a flat tire, Liz Hardy stops at the old Tillot farm to borrow a car jack. Nora Tillot gladly walks Liz out to the barn and as they search for the. But when their tender friendship turns passionate, Nora and Liz' s happiness is shattered by accusations and rumors. Trying desperately to rise. When her rental car has a flat tyre, Liz Hardy stops at the Tillot farm for a car jack. Nora Tillot walks Liz out to the barn and, as they search for the jack, the two.


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Liz was out already - well, more or less! But the story showed an awakening for Nora, and that was so lovely to read When they finally kissed - over halfway through the book, I think!

The UST throughout the first half isn't overwhelming, but it's such a constant, building presence.


The first half of the book is very quietly paced and I enjoyed that. It's such an easy, cosy, comfortable read. Well, for the most part!

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Liz is a city slicker, who's gone to the country to clear out her family's summer cabin since her parents have both died. Nora and liz nancy garden the way there she gets a flat tyre, and stops in at Nora's family's place to borrow a jack.

Nora lives alone with her elderly parents, and is their sole caretaker.

Nora and Liz

Her nora and liz nancy garden has had several strokes and is losing her memory, and her father is basically a cantankerous old bastard who you will want to punch several thousand times for the way he treats Nora. She's totally his slave.

He's also seemingly stuck in the distant past: No fridge they use an old ice-boxno phone, certainly no computer.

Reading the book, you get the idea that it's perhaps set in about the 60s until Liz mentions things like email.

Nora and Liz : Nancy Garden :

Then she mentions this being the twenty-first century and The way Nora lives is just unimaginable in this day and age! But what's even worse is the nora and liz nancy garden her father stands against every little attempt at progress.

He refuses nora and liz nancy garden let her buy meat in bulk and freeze some at the nice lady from church's house, who drives Nora to the shops once a week.

Because he won't let Nora drive. When she finally stands up to him and gets a phone installed, he pitches an absolute fit. When Nora is an hour longer than usual on her shopping day which she'd told him abouthe pitches an even larger fit.

She was an only child who "took refuge in books, in writing, and in telling long stories to myself and sometimes acting them out. Through school and for several years after college, Garden worked in theater, supplementing the work with odd jobs in offices.

This includes freelance editorial work for various publishers. ByGarden had risen to associate editor.


She later visited and gave talks at schools and libraries, teaching children about writing. It was critically acclaimed but attracted controversy because of its lesbian characters, Annie and Liza, who fall in love.