For Prison Architect on the PC, FAQ by barticle. It's also missing the random events, the collectible notebook pages and support for mods. Prison Architect > General Discussions > Topic Details I know that Bible pages appear in the campaign, sandbox, and escape mode (Ironic. I'm afraid to dump it because it might be something special. But so far it's all I could with it. I'll try to post a picture of it here If I can't I'll post it on.


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So we just kept throwing more notebook page prison architect at the problem, developing newer and more complex simulations, hoping an emergent game would be waiting for us at the end.

We should have seen the danger signs with that earlier I think. In the post announcing the shift from Subversion to Prison Architect, you mentioned that you "could see how much of the tech notebook page prison architect we'd designed for Subversion was directly applicable.


There was an unfinished mission in Subversion where you had to bust a team member out from a maximum security prison. Notebook page prison architect mission had loads of specialist code for simulating the inner workings of prisons, and the behaviours of guards and prisoners.

It was far too ambitious for its own good, much like most of Subversion.

Notebook :: Prison Architect General Discussions

The core idea had been to simulate a prison in a lot of detail, then just let the player figure out how to bust his teammate out by exploiting whatever loopholes in the security setup he could find.

It's a nice idea in principle, but in reality that kind of unbounded thinking is notebook page prison architect ended Subversion.


After all the work required notebook page prison architect do a prison properly, most players would probably just blow a hole in the wall with explosives and headshot the guards anyway. However we did have a map editor for Subversion, and I'd been working on producing a plausible prison layout for the mission.

And I'd found that laying out that map was actually quite a lot of fun. I spent a lot longer tinkering with my prison layout than playing the mission.

Ibrahim El-Salahi: Prison Notebook

You mentioned in your announcement that the idea for Notebook page prison architect Architect sprung almost fully formed into your brain. Where did that idea come from? I was actually on holiday in San Francisco with my wife, and I'd been thinking quite a lot about Subversion and what was going wrong with it.

I was toying with various radical rethinks of the core idea, trying to find something that was interesting. Three things then notebook page prison architect I then made a connection to the prison mission in Subversion, but imagined turning the whole thing on its head — let the player build the prison and setup the security.

In other words, I wanted to build Alcatraz, not escape from it. This current version of the guide is complete notebook page prison architect to the following additions: Some sections of the document will display incorrectly if you are using a proportional font like Times New Roman. If you found this guide useful you can show your support by using the recommend function.

Prison Architect FAQ for PC by barticle - GameFAQs

If you have any feedback especially suggestions for additions or improvements then please feel free to contact me via email or GameFAQs message. It became one of the first titles to launch as an extended open public alpha via Steam's Early Access programme in Notebook page prison architect and by January over one million copies had been sold.

In total the PC game has sold over two million copies.