“The spiritual father of the Jewish State, Theodore Herzl Zionist movement, the Jewish public and the Yishuv in the Land of Israel and throughout the world. On April 30, , Theodor Herzl noted, in a single, short entry in his diary, that “today I finished my novel 'Old-New Land.'” In , in his short  Missing: theodur ‎| ‎Must include: ‎theodur. The Old New Land: Altneuland-Tel Aviv and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. Old New Land: (Altneuland) Paperback – June 1, Start reading The Old New Land: Altneuland-Tel Aviv on your Kindle in under a minute.


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Rather than imagining the Jews in Altneuland speaking exclusively Hebrewthe society is multi-lingual — with German, Hebrew and Yiddish being the main languages and reproducing European customs, going to the opera and enjoying the theatre.

The Old New Land - Wikipedia

While Jerusalem is the capital, with the seat of old new land theodur herzl "Congress" and the Jewish Academy, the country's industrial center is the modern city old new land theodur herzl Haifa. In the actual Israel, this role was to be taken by Tel Aviva city which did not yet exist at the time of writing and whose name was inspired by the book itself see below.

Herzl saw the potential of Haifa Bay for constructing a modern deep-water port. However, in reality it would be the British Empire rather than the Zionists which would realise that potential and make considerable strategic use of it during the Second World War.

Though Israel would eventually inherit the Haifa port and city, by the central role of Tel Aviv was established, with Haifa — though a major Israeli city — relegated to a secondary position.


As envisioned by Herzl, "All the way from Acco to Mount Carmel stretched what seemed to be one great park". In the actual Israel the very same area became a giant industrial zone, reckoned the most heavily polluted part of the country. Legacy[ edit ] Old new land theodur herzl book was immediately translated into Hebrew by Nahum Sokolowwho gave it the poetic title "Tel Aviv", using tel 'ancient mound' for 'old' and aviv 'spring' for 'new'.

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The Hebrew title of the book was chosen as the name for a new neighbourhood of Jaffaestablished in under the uninspired name of "Ahuzat Bayit", lit. The new old new land theodur herzl, Tel Avivreplaced the original one only a year later, inand was used for the expanded settlement, now comprising two more adjacent neighbourhoods.

Herzl met with the king of Italy, who was encouraging, and with the Pope, who expressed opposition. Herzl died in and was buried in Vienna. After the establishment of the State of Israel his remains were reburied on Mt.

Herzl, Jerusalem in the summer of The title "Der Judenstaat" was probably meant as an ironic play on words, since it literally means "The Jews'-State," a derogatory construction like the "Judenstrasse" Jews' Street old new land theodur herzl the medieval ghetto.

He believed that attempts at assimilation of Jews into European society were in vain, as the majority in each country decided who was a native and who an alien. The persistence of anti-Semitism determined that the Jew would always be an outsider and only the creation of a Jewish state, a matter of old new land theodur herzl to both Jews and non-Jews would put an end to the Jewish problem.

1902: Theodor Herzl Finishes His Novel 'Old-New Land'

In The Jewish State, Herzl envisioned that diplomatic activity would be the primary method for attaining the Jewish State and he called for the organized transfer of Jewish communities to the new state.

Of the location of the state, Herzl said, "We shall take what is given us, and what is selected by public opinion.


In general, he was interested in an economy where free enterprise and state involvement went hand-in-hand. It was to old new land theodur herzl a modern, sophisticated and technologically advanced and Europeanized society. The book became required reading for all Zionists and was taken as the basic platform of political Zionism.

Theodore Herzl | Israel State Archives

In the Jewish State, Herzl anticipated some of the antagonism that the Zionist idea would provoke: Here I would reply that we may as well begin by removing a little of this misery, even if it should at first be no more than our own.

It might further be said that we ought not to create new distinctions between people; we ought not to raise fresh barriers, we should rather make the old old new land theodur herzl. But men who think in this way old new land theodur herzl amiable visionaries; and the idea of a native land will still flourish when the dust of their bones will have vanished tracelessly in the winds.

Universal brotherhood is not even a beautiful dream. Therefore I believe that a wondrous generation of Jews will spring into existence.