Start by marking “Pact” as Want to Read: Pact (~k words; 3 days; TvTropes) takes the Worm formula but this time heads to modern urban Western occult fantasy. Wildbow (real name John C. McCrae, born in ), is a Canadian writer of Web Serial Novels. Pact is a modern supernatural horror story by wildbow, centered on Blake Thorburn, a young man who returns after a long absence from his dysfunctional family. lexus rx owner manual - aylesburyexecutivechauffeur - manual for lexus rx pdf include pact ebook wildbow parallel machines parallel machine.


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Fans of dark fantasy, contract magic pact wildbow dealing with fundamental forces of the universe. Pact is a wonderful story about magic. And by that I mean it literally is full of wonders.

Pact by Wildbow

What it isn't is delightful, cheerful, positive or any other typical connotations of goodness that "wonderful" typically has. Pact is a bleak, dreary, desperate story of Blake — a guy who receives an inheritance from pact wildbow grandmother.

There's the obvious part of an old house and a large piece of land, as well as funds to keep it in order. Then pact wildbow the more insidious part that this inheritance comes to h Pact is a wonderful story about magic.

Pact Web Serial Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Then pact wildbow the more insidious part that this inheritance comes to him because the previous heir, his cousin Molly, has died.

And there are demonic lawyers overseeing grandmother's will. And his reflection is replaced by a girl who is effectively independent of him.


And every magical practitioner in town hates his family for consorting with the forces of destruction. And there's a karmic debt that several lifetimes wouldn't be enough to cover. It comes in flavours: The Drains are an Other-factory, actively forcing you to choose to give up your humanity pact wildbow order to pact wildbow something else to survive or you get eaten.

You're not safe from it's influence no matter what, not even in your dreams, and Failure Is the Only Option in trying to hold out. Worse still, this is only one manifestation of Limbo.

A second one dubbed The Tenements was a sheer vertical steep pact wildbow you had to climb what appeared to be the outskirts of a slowly-degenerating, utterly massive apartment block with bugs that crawl pact wildbow your skin and monster clowns or other freaky inhabitants trying to kill you.

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A third mentioned in the story, The Forestmanages to scare the bogeyman that spawned it pact wildbow mention. And she's so terrifying on her own everything else usually runs pact wildbow her.

Make of that what you will.

A fourth one is The Machine. We don't know pact wildbow about it, but one very scary looking Other with lost of chains is looking for souls to cast down in its workings.

Whatever the Abyss wants to actually do with Jacob's Bell, it hints that there might be the possibility pact wildbow yet another unknown section: Unless the Drains could do with an addition, of course.


The scary thing is, given the sheer scale and acquisitive nature of the Abyss, there are probably more nightmare environments than even the collected pool of practitioners know about. Even if they pact wildbow to share the information.

Blake Thorburn

A centipede man was in the Tentements and could have simply snatched Christoff up with no one able to do a thing if it were intent on ignoring them. The Twins in The Siege who are pact wildbow Knife Nut and share Synchronization with one another, although not at the same time as there is pact wildbow lag.


But it still happens. Danger Takes A Back Seat: Blake hops into the mirror backseat of a couple of Behaims in order to have pact wildbow conversation.

Johannes, pact wildbow transpires, has created a vestige in his territory that is essentially this, a mirror world where copies of normal humans can be preyed upon by Others.

And then Barbatorem gets his hands on it. Nothing is safe inside of it. Dead Guy on Display: