The Philippines has a contraceptive prevalence rate of 55%, based on the .. the radio, television, and print media, such as newspaper or magazine, poster. You are by now familiar with a radio station. The previous lesson helped you to understand how a radio station works. When you read a popular magazine, you. passengers, goods or cargoes from one place in the Philippines to another place in the radio and/or television broadcasting and all other franchise grantees, .. magazine, review, or bulletin which appears at regular intervals with.


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The house where the Philippines' forgotten 'comfort women' were held

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You can put them on your own web servers. Also, during that decade, the station played demos and songs from Filipino rock bands, most of which were unsigned.

Philippines - Trade Promotion and Advertising |

As a result, pdf magazine philippines radio such as The YouthYanoRazorbackWolfgangEraserheadsAfterImage and Rivermayaamong others, became highly popular as the Pinoy rock scene surged the airwaves. Later, the station formulated the show "In the Raw", which featured demos from amateur bands.

InNU held its first NU Rock Awards, which honored the country's most distinguished rock artists every year. The NU Rock Awards was held annually until Furthermore, NU had a music chart show, the "Midnight Countdown", which was held every Sunday midnight, charting the top 12 rock songs every week.

Among the most popular hits that topped the "Midnight Countdown" were "Paris" by Filipino band Chicosci which lasted 52 weeks and " Shimmer " by American band Fuel which lasted for a year. Among the popular radio shows on NU during the '90s were "The Crossroads", which played blues and classic rock ; "Euro Rock", which played European rock music; "Against the Flow", which played Christian pdf magazine philippines radio ; and "Not Radio", which played foreign indie music ; and the morning show "Zach and Joey in the Morning".

Prior to this, concerts of that size were simply not held. They became relatively common after the success of the first NU Pocket Concerts.


Later, the station popularized Cebuano rock bands like UrbandubFrank! For a while, the station popularized the emo rock subgenre, playing pdf magazine philippines radio hits from foreign bands like The Used and My Chemical Romance and local emo bands like Typecast and Blue Boy Bites Back.

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In the late s, indie pop became popular on the station with the rise of Filipino indie pop bands Up Dharma DownTaken by CarsPedicab and Narda.

Inthe "Midnight Countdown" was transformed into the pdf magazine philippines radio to Seven", NU 's daily countdown of the top seven most popular rock hits.

Inthe station celebrated its 20th anniversary with the NU Rock Awards.

Hermosisima, the station's network operations head, remarked to the Philippine Daily Inquirer that pdf magazine philippines radio station will continue on its current format "and we exert every possible means to keep it alive, especially in relation to the local rock scene.

On October 27,the Manila Bulletin reported that the station would sign off on November 7,