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Although the Chaetoceros sp.

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That may be due the fact that this rate varies among species Abou-Shanab et al. The produced biomass should have appropriate nutritional contents.

These contents can vary depending on strain and the phase in which the culture is harvested. In algal cultures, crude protein is the primary organic constituent during the logarithmic perfil de lipidos phase, with contents decreasing during the stationary phase as a consequence of decreased nitrogenous compounds in the medium.

This situation occurs in batch culture, like the one used in this research. This was observed in perfil de lipidos present results for biochemical analyses.

Comparisons between the protein contents of the Nitzschia frustulum in Nitzschia sp. The crude protein content of Chaetoceros sp.

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Ash represents a large portion of the biochemical composition in diatoms, as occurs in the microalgae species of this study.

This is mainly found in the Chaetoceros genus, due to the formation and constitution of the frustula. The strains showed a significant difference perfil de lipidos comparing the percentage of ash in exponential and stationary phases.

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Many microalgae species present changes in lipid content during the different phases of growth Huerlimann et al. Lipid content generally increases during the stationary phase as perfil de lipidos energy of the culture is diverted from cell division to lipid production, which is often triggered by limitations of nitrogen Ben-Amotz et al.

This behavior was found for the two presently studied strains, where Nitzschia sp.

In comparing the total lipid contents of the Nitzschia sp. Likewise, the lipid contents of Chaetoceros sp. As with lipids contents, the FA profile varies considerably between the different species or perfil de lipidos Hu et al.


Moreover, the dominant FAs in both strains coincided with tendencies reported in the literature, specifically the C The results for Nitzschia sp. In the Nitzschia sp.

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Just as with diatoms previously studied, Nitzschia sp. EPA plays an important role in the prevention of arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease and cancer Simopoulos, When compared to perfil de lipidos obtained in previous studies, the Nitzschia sp. The lipid contents of Chaetoceros sp.

According to Ryckebosch et al.


This may be due to the fact that lipid and FA levels are strain-specific, and these concentrations may present differences between the two species of the same genus Perfil de lipidos et al. The performed assessments support the conclusion that microalgae behavior and biochemical composition are specific to each strain.

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Although the evaluated strains were cultured under identical conditions, significant differences were found in growth, productivity, biochemical composition, lipid levels and FA profile between strains and between developmental phases of the same strain. Due to this, Nitzschia sp. Perfil de lipidos study provides an initial foundation for perfil de lipidos research, providing key information for the development of regional microalgae cultures.