What does this book cover? Installing Perl on Windows and UNIX; Making use of online Perl resources like CPAN; First principles in programming and the Perl. Perl: Perl, a cross-platform, open-source computer programming language used widely in the commercial and private computing sectors. Perl is a programming language specially designed for text editing. It is now widely used for a variety of purposes including Linux system.


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Scalars are single things. This might be a number or a string. You assign a value to perl programming scalar by telling Perl what it equals, like so: The conversion happens automatically.

PERL Tutorial for Beginners - Complete Guide

This is different from many other languages, where strings and numbers are two separate data types. If you use a double-quoted perl programming, Perl will insert the value of any scalar variables you name in the string.


This is often used to fill in strings on the fly: There are perl programming apples. At the time of writing this tutorial, the latest version of perl was 5. Perl programming is listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Perl supports both procedural and object-oriented programming. Due to this reason, Perl has become a popular language used in web development, networking and bioinformatics too. Apart from all this perl can also be used for CGI programming.

Perl Introduction

Apart from that networking via telnet, FTP, etc. Perl is flexible enough to support Procedural as well as Perl programming practices simultaneously.

This means that you can combine Perl with these extra programming languages rather rewriting existing code. It is true that there are other programming languages that can be used to do all the stuff that has been perl programming above, then why should you specifically use Perl?

Perl is very easy to learn, especially if you have a background in computer programming.

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Perl was designed to be easy for humans to write and understand perl programming than making it easy for processing by computers. It uses regular expressions. It's natural style of language is different from other programming languages that use specific grammar and syntaxes; therefore, Perl is very flexible and doesn't impose on you any particular way of thinking perl programming a solution or a problem.

Perl is extremely portable. It can run on any operating system that has Perl interpreter installed, so it is platform independent.

This is unlike Shell scripts, where the code changes with perl programming flavor of Linux distribution being used, making it less and perl programming portable Small specific tasks in Perl become very easy and quick.


Throughout this tutorial, you will learn how you can code small, quick programs for specific tasks. Let's take a simple example of perl programming classic Hello World program which is used to begin learning any programming language which perl programming UNIX as its roots: Perl hello world Output: The above two lines of code will print Hello, world!