Haworth Hospitality Press, New York Kaczmarek J, Stasiak A, Włodarczyk B Produkt turystyczny. Turystyka i Hotelarstwo –54 Kaczmarek J, Stasiak A. 2 Obsługa ruchu turystycznego. Ed. B. Meyer. 7 J. Kaczmarek, A. Stasiak, B. Włodarczyk: Produkt turystyczny. PWE Ekonomiczne Problemy Turystyki No. J. Kaczmarek, A. Stasiak, B. Włodarczyk, Produkt turystyczny. Pomysł, organizacja, zarządzanie, Warszawa 8 A. Mikos v. Rohrscheidt, Turystyka.


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Studia Regionalne i Lokalne, vol. The Economics of Heritage.

Festivalisation of Urban Spaces: Factors, Processes and Effects - Waldemar Cudny - Google Книги

Acta geographica Slovenica Tourism and the environment: Sustainable tourism and the question of the commons. Produkt turystyczny kaczmarek of Tourism Research Transformation of tourist landscapes in mountain areas: Case studies from Slovakia.

Consuming the authentic Gettysburg: How a tourist landscape becomes an authentic experience.


Journal of Consumer Behaviour Harmonia i autentyzm krajobrazu widzianego, a wykorzystanie architektury regionalnej produkt turystyczny kaczmarek jej cech w turystyce. The attractiveness and competitiveness of tourist destination: Writing out the tourist in space and time.

A typology for the classification, description and valuation of ecosystem services, goods and services. Leisure, time and space: Coastal landscape preference evaluation: A comparison among tourists in Greece.

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  • Car Tourism - Waldemar Cudny - Google Книги
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The first of them is the analysis of the socio-economic and spatial transformations taking place in European cities.

The other one are issues related to urban culture, festivals and events. In produkt turystyczny kaczmarek article, the author, presenting the specificity of tourism shows the results produkt turystyczny kaczmarek the study dedicated to selected tourist behaviors of Polish, Ukrainian and Austrian students.

Even, if the limitations of the study will be accepted, it provides evidence for positive verification of the hypothesis that the significant differences between these groups exist.

Services such as e.

Tourism habits and preferences – comparative analysis in selected European countries

Tourist product — event consists of a set of at least two services or offers of material products goods which are offered by tourist organizers in the form of a uniform programme available at the same price.

Examples of these types of products may be: One may divide them into long-stay holidays, produkt turystyczny kaczmarek, local and foreign holidays, own and commissioned as well as facultative trips.

An event type of tourist product is the most popular category of tourist products available on the market. Tourist product — place region, place, national park etc. By this produkt turystyczny kaczmarek, we refer to an internally complex set of elements which is singled out due to its concrete localization in space which is characterized by certain tourist values.