ProSYS - This application was designed and developed by WP ELECTRONICS. alarm system in an simple fast and easy way, the ProSYS of RISCO GROUP. ProSYS Plus. Taking Security to the Limit. 2. System. Highlights. Value. Proposition. End. End-to-End. Commercial. Solutions. RISCO Cloud. RP + RPKCL Full integration and special opportunities. Innovative integrated ProSYS RISCO Group are designed to meet and exceed the needs and.


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Risco - Prosys Voice Module User Manual

Ask your engineer prosys risco defining appliances as Follow Code. Select the number representing the appropriate appliance prosys risco the message selected in step 3. All 8 appliances are assigned to 00 by default.


When remotely prosys risco appliances using the Operations menu, appliances are not announced unless an option other than 00 is assigned to them in this step. Voice Module Programming and Operations Manual 6.

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After recording, you can verify that you have assigned the correct appliance to the selected recording by repeating this procedure and selecting [1] Play Msg.

If you use prosys risco [1] Prosys risco Msg. The options in this section are used mainly by your engineer. Setting Follow Me Numbers.

- - ProSYS - RP MA +KCL - risco

To verify remote communication: Voice Module Programming and Operations Manual 4. The Prosys risco menu is then announced, as described on page This option can also be used by the engineer to test prosys risco adjust the volume of each one of the MBU.

For this purpose, the tamper alarm is disengaged when the engineer code is entered, enabling the MBU to be opened and its volume adjusted.

Press any key to stop the announcement. This Announcement message can be enabled or disabled, per event.

ProSYS ( Risco )

By default, all Announcement messages are disabled. Prosys risco enable and disable Announcement messages: The Announce Message menu lists system events. Voice Module Programming and Operations Manual 21 Select the event for which you want to enable or disable an Announcement message from the following options: Use the following options: To disable the Announcement message for the selected prosys risco.

This is prosys risco default. To enable the Announcement message for the selected event. This consists of initiating a telephone call to or from the system, and interacting with talking menus that guide you through your required remote operation.


Voice Module Talking Menus The first of these talking menus is the Operations menu, as described on page Each option in the Operations menu prosys risco to a distinct prosys risco prompt menu that announces further options and instructions, as described in subsequent sections of this chapter.

It is not necessary to wait for the end of a message or menu to enter a reply. If you remember the options listed, you can press the appropriate key at any time. For a list of prosys risco that enable you to omit menus and go directly to your required operation, see the list of quick key combinations on page When you have carried out your required operation, simply hang up the phone.

The communication disconnects automatically.