Abstract Objective: To emphasize the importance of postcoital test (PCT) in the management of couples seeking advice for conception as a simple investigation. Q One of my doctors performed a postcoital analysis of a patient's mucous due to infertility issues. The physician called it a Sims-Huhner test. How should I code. It was originally described by Sims, was modified by Huhner, and still is commonly called the Sims–Huhner test. The PCT has long suffered from inadequate  ‎INTRODUCTION · ‎PROPERTIES OF · ‎CLINICAL APPROACH · ‎CLINICAL.


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The pregnancy rates are higher when higher numbers of motile sperms are found in the cervical mucus. Negative or doubtful postcoital tests do not rule out the possibility of pregnancy.

[The value of the postcoital test (Sims-Huhner test) in the treatment of sterility].

The postcoital test provides some information about the number of spermatozoa, their progressive motility, their morphology and about the interaction of spermatozoa with the cervical mucus.

However, the postcoital prueba sims huhner cannot replace a complete semen analysis. Repeated cervical bleeding during mucus collection may indicate anatomic defects or cervicitis. Colposcopic examination sometimes reveals a poorly developed endocervical canal with thin, columnar epithelium; prueba sims huhner has been successfully treated with cryosurgery.

[The value of the postcoital test (Sims-Huhner test) in the treatment of sterility].

A very cellular cervical mucus often represents cervicitis, which should be treated with antibiotic therapy after appropriate cultures are obtained. If the infection is not prueba sims huhner by systemic antibiotic therapy, cryosurgery can be employed.


In most of these patients, poor cervical mucus is not secondary to infection but represents a partial or total lack prueba sims huhner response of the cervical crypts and glands to estrogen stimulation. The impaired function in these cases may be a late sequela of an inflammatory process or a consequence of surgical procedures such as conization, amputation, or electrocoagulation loop electrical excision procedure [LEEP] of the cervix.

In many prueba sims huhner, however, no etiology can be determined. Treatment Treatment of poor cervical mucus is best accomplished with low-dose estrogen 0.

In a day menstrual cycle, this would be from day 1 prueba sims huhner day There is no advantage to continuing the hormonal therapy during the luteal phase. It should be mentioned that in some patients receiving clomiphene Clomid therapy there is a persistent antiestrogen effect on the cervical mucus.

The Postcoital Test | GLOWM

Once the ovulatory dose of clomiphene prueba sims huhner achieved, low-dose estrogen therapy is given prueba sims huhner 7 days following the 5 days of clomiphene. Another antiestrogen, tamoxifen Nolvadexhas been recommended in place of clomiphene for patients in whom clomiphene produces a persistent antiestrogen effect on the cervical mucus.

This results in greater cervical mucus production and is successful, but it requires close monitoring. In patients who do not respond to low-dose estrogen therapy, I have used an altered version of their therapy Fig.

Abundant cervical mucus should be obtained. A progestin is then added to accomplish withdrawal bleeding.

Postcoital test - Wikipedia

Estrogen-progestin therapy in the evaluation of the cervical factor for one cycle only. This cycle is of course lost for conceptive purposes because of the high-dose estrogen therapy. The purpose is to see whether prueba sims huhner cervical crypts and glands will respond to this therapy. Lunenfeld and Insler 3 originally described prueba sims huhner as a diagnostic procedure, but I found it useful therapeutically.


This therapy is successful in a majority of patients. After the prueba sims huhner cycle of therapy, the pre-ovulatory cervical mucus is assessed again by PCT during the subsequent spontaneous cycle.

Most patients continue to have good cervical mucus production after this therapy cycle.


prueba sims huhner Full scientific evaluation of this therapeutic mode requires the collection of a larger amount of clinical data. Absolute dysmucorrhea The only therapy available to overcome the barrier of unresponsive thick cervical mucus is IUI. Louis, MO attached to a tuberculin syringe, is threaded through the cervix.

In the past, only 0.