Fig. 6 CS lab w/horizontal lightning-ray. Accurate depiction of the Colorado Springs experiment: Tesla's aurora gun, an animation from the film "Secret of Nikola. Modern Radiant Energy Antenna Simple Circuit and Setup: In this instructable I'll show you how to build a simple Tesla-based antenna or radiant energy. Could this cosmic, or radiant, energy be harnessed? Some thought so. In , Tesla patented an “Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant.


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If there is a delay of several minutes, then an energy input of joules is needed to get the rotor spinning again.

This is not a transient heating phenomenon. At all times the bearing housings feel cool and any heating in the drive motor would imply an increase of resistance and a build-up of power to a higher steady state condition. The experimental evidence is that there radiant energy tesla something unseen, which is put into motion by the radiant energy tesla rotor.

Nikola Tesla Harnesses the Radiant Energy of Cosmic Rays

Two machines of different rotor size and composition reveal the phenomenon and tests indicate radiant energy tesla with time of day and compass orientation of the spin axis. One machine, the one incorporating weaker magnets, showed evidence of gaining strength magnetically during the tests which were repeated over a period of several days.

Tesla continued to experiment and determined that a very short uni-directional pulse is necessary to generate the radiant energy wave.

In other words, an alternating voltage does not create the effect, it has to be radiant energy tesla DC pulse.

Tesla's radiant energy - Open Tesla Research

The shorter the pulse time and the higher the voltage, radiant energy tesla greater the energy wave. He found that using a capacitor and an arc discharge mechanism with a very powerful permanent magnet placed at right angles to the spark, improved the performance of his equipment by a major factor.

Additional experiments showed that the effects were altered by adjusting the duration of the electrical pulse. In each instance, the power of the radiated energy appeared to be radiant energy tesla irrespective of the distance from his apparatus.


The energy was in the form of individual longitudinal waves. Objects placed radiant energy tesla the equipment became powerfully electrified, retaining their charge for many minutes after the equipment was switched off. Tesla was using a charging dynamo as a power source and he radiant energy tesla that if he moved his magnetic discharger to one side of the dynamo, the radiant wave was positive.

If he moved the magnetic discharger towards the other side of the dynamo, the radiant wave became negative in sign.


This was clearly a new electrical force which travelled as light-like rays, showing them to be different in nature from the electromagnetic waves of Maxwell. Investigating the effects of adjusting the duration of radiant energy tesla pulses, Tesla found that a pulse train which had radiant energy tesla pulses with durations exceeding microseconds, produced pain and mechanical pressures.

At this duration, objects in the field visibly vibrated and were even pushed along by the field. Thin wires subjected to sudden bursts of the radiant field, exploded into vapour.

Tesla's radiant energy

When the pulse duration was reduced to microseconds or below, the radiant energy tesla effect was no longer felt and the waves are harmless. With a pulse duration of 1 microsecond, strong physiological heat was felt.

With even shorter pulse durations, radiant energy tesla illuminations capable of filling rooms with white light, were produced. Even shorter pulses produced cool room penetrating breezes with an accompanying uplift in mood and awareness.

Tesla, Radiant Energy, 1

These effects have been verified by Eric Dollard who radiant energy tesla written about them in some detail. InTesla discovered that if he placed a two-foot long single-turn deep copper radiant energy tesla coil near his magnetic disrupter, the thin-walled coil developed a sheath of white sparks with long silvery white streamers rising from the top of the coil.

These discharges appeared to have much higher voltages than the generating circuit. This effect was greatly increased if the coil was placed inside the disrupter wire circle. The discharge seemed to hug the surface of the coil with a strange affinity, and rode up its surface to the open end.

Nikola Tesla Harnesses the Radiant Energy of Cosmic Rays | Science Traveler

The shockwave radiant energy tesla over the coil at right angles to the windings and produced very long discharges from the top of the coil. With the disrupter charge jumping one inch in its magnetic housing, the coil streamers were more than two feet in length.

This effect was generated at the moment when the magnetic field quenched the spark and it was wholly unknown at radiant energy tesla time.

This train of very short uni-directional pulses causes a very strange field to expand outwards. This field resembles a stuttering electrostatic field but has a far more powerful effect than would be expected from an electrostatic charge.

Tesla was radiant energy tesla to account for the enormous voltage multiplication of his apparatus using any of the electrical formula of his day.