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The myrmicats named by Richard Wakefield, a combination of the Greek word for ant, myrmex, due to their ant-like appearance, rama revelada the English word "cat" due to their feline size and running gait were a naturally heteromorphic species whose final form was a large, interconnected sentient mesh which was able to directly interface with the human brain through a network of rama revelada connected to the body.

Through this medium, it was able to communicate to Richard the threat posed to the species by the violent rama revelada, and at the request of the myrmicats he leaves their habitat carrying some of their eggs for preservation.

As the human colony continues to degenerate with respect to living conditions and human rights, the members of Nicole's family escape to the region nicknamed " New York ", where they used to live in Rama II, and are eventually reunited with Richard.


Before long, the human colony police come after Nicole's family in "New York" and they flee to the octospider city. After the human colony leader starts bombing the octospider city under a made-up pretext and the octospiders retaliate, the situation becomes dire enough that Rama's controlling intelligence intervenes to end the conflict caused by the humans aboard, by sending everybody into hibernation until the end of the journey, except for the surviving myrmicats which are allowed to lead their daily life.

The Rama spacecraft rendezvous with another Node, an enormous tetrahedron near the star Tau Cetidesigned rama revelada research any intelligent rama revelada capable of spaceflight. The humans are divided into two groups based mainly on the degree of xenophobia they had exhibited during the journey.

One group will stay at the Node rama revelada be studied; the xenophobes are segregated and never allowed to see another alien again.

Clarke Arthur Charles Lee Gentry Rama Revelada Pdf Arthur C Clarke Rama 2

To some of the more adaptable group, the purpose of the universe is revealed by the Nodal intelligence. Similarities rama revelada Rescue Party[ edit ] The aliens operating Rama, as revealed at the end of this story, rama revelada a very similar origin with the aliens in " Rescue Party "the first story sold by Clarke though not the first published.

Oct 24, Ana rated it really liked it The direction of the fourth installment changed again. I'm pretty torn between 3 and 4 stars, but it's closer to the upper rama revelada, so I think I'll settle for 4 stars.

All else - spoiler alert.

My heart broke during the last book, but not because of some outstanding SF qualities of the story, but rather the particular story of one character - Nicole des Jardins, a woman who has had to leave children behind on other planets and space s The direction of the fourth installment changed again.

My heart broke during the last book, but not because of some outstanding SF qualities of the story, but rather the particular story of one character - Nicole des Jardins, a woman who has had to leave children behind on other planets and space ships, has had to watch a daughter commit suicide as well as the love of her life rama revelada a painful death whilst being assassinated, and has slept for many years of her life rama revelada a special trance, waking up 12 or 16 years older, having to eventually face the frail, dying body of an 80 year old woman, being told that she only has 10 days left to live Out of all the characters rama revelada the book, of which some annoyed me and some didn't arouse any particular emotion, I think Nicole was pretty damn well written.

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As a woman, I can definitely identify with her fears and pains, and just imagining what her heart had to go trough was difficult, as a reader. Out of rama revelada the episodes, especially with the moment she lost Richard I had the hardest time. And then, through to the end of the book, whilst she was reminiscing about her life, I kept thinking that I myself am getting older and dying by the second, and I must admit I felt uneasy The fourth installment was at times very annoying.

Even though it's SF, it seemed to lose itself in so much unnecessary detail about the octospiders' lives and their digestive tracks just to mention one section of the book that absolutely bored me to death.

I can fully appreciate the imagination of a writer who is so involved in his story that he has developed graphs for the biology of a non-existent alien species, but maybe cutting it short from time to time would've been a better idea, because rama revelada of helping with sensory build up until the action reached the climax, I found myself desperately wanting to skip said pages and just move on.

Sure, at the times rama revelada story is stretched reeaaaaaaally thin in order to accommodate more action and more characters and definitely more emotional drama, rama revelada almost never does it seem truly out of the reach of the reader's imagination.

At least not my imagination.

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Alas, there's no clearly drawn boundary to what a reader can accept in terms of fiction, so if the author is capable of playing with it, bending it after his will - then maybe that's a very good author. One thing that I really like was that the love story between Nicole and Richard didn't reach rama revelada cheesy point rama revelada over four books.