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No, you knew all three.


As for Destiny's Child, who doesn't know who Beyonc is? Rap up magazine only from her solo stuff, but when she was in the group.

Do you feel Destiny's pay homage to you? We're just so different. As far as lyrically what they talk about or how they are as a group, it's so different from us.

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TLC was always outspoken. We opened the doors for girl rap up magazine period. I don't think anybody should be surprised. It's not a shock to me. Do you regret not putting out a solo album or are you glad you stuck together and took your time?

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To me timing is everything. When Lisa was talking about doing solo stuff, I used to tell rap up magazine all the time, "People wanna see us together more so than apart. It means so much to us. Are you involved in a romantic relationship right now?

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You gotta hook me up with somebody. Some good clean man. Because when you keep the standards up and you meet people who are not cutting it, then it's not another wasted relationship in your life. You're not like, "Oh God. I rap up magazine I had never dated that person.

I mean I'm not looking.

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Maybe he could just come up and tap me on the shoulder and say, "Hey, it's me. Sometimes I do but sometimes I don't. It's rap up magazine and I hate to say this, but it's true.

Men are intimidated by women who are rap up magazine their own thing. And you hear guys saying all the time [that] they want strong, independant women but they end up with groupies.