The characteristics of many rural and urban settlements in India are changing, and hence, the concerned government institutions must respond. Different dimensions of regional planning in the India context?Regional development policy in national plan ning, Regional physical planning at the State level. PDF | The need for a more balanced spatial growth pattern in Karnataka is shown by applying Zipf's law to the Indian State of Karnataka, with.


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The new act Land acquisition rehabilitation and resettlement act firmly intends to protect residents and landowners in cases of land expropriation by the government.

An Overview of Spatial Policy in India

Alternative land for living was required to be secured as well. Also impact study of surrounding areas was added to the regional planning india when expropriating the land.

During the earlier act, there had been situation where the company was charged extra payment when land price regional planning india after the expropriation the case of Maruti Suzuki India Limited, the leading car company in India at its Manesar plant located at the north of State of Haryana.

Government approved land prices are much lower in India than the market process. The reason for such pricing might be due to tax and other reasons.

Regional planning india land price is one of the major reason behind conflicts is the wide difference in price paid by state government and market price.

The new act was said to increase land acquiring cost for the companies and prolong negotiations to obtain the land or contrarily it may raise regional planning india possibility to reduce the risk of land conflicts.

Regional planning - Wikipedia

Nihon Keizai Regional planning india Japanese newspaper ; February 14, In DecemberGovernment of India issued an ordinance to amend certain provisions of the act. The minister concerned said that the ordinance on land acquisition aims to facilitate industrial development.


The amendment tried to achieve a balance, where higher compensation will continue. At the same time, procedural rigors will be loosened or eased. Regional planning india American regional planning is likely to cover a much larger area than the Regional Assemblies of the UK ; both, however, are equally "regional" in nature.

Overview[ edit ] Regions require various land uses ; protection of farmlandcities, industrial spacetransportation hubs regional planning india infrastructure, military basesand wilderness.

Regional planning is the science of efficient placement of infrastructure and zoning for the sustainable growth of a region. Advocates for regional planning such as new urbanist Peter Calthorpepromote the approach because it can address region-wide environmental, social, and economic issues which may regional planning india require a regional focus.

Principles[ edit ] Specific interventions and solutions will depend entirely on the needs of each region in each country, but generally speaking, regional planning at the macro level will seek to: Resist development in regional planning india plains or along earthquake faults.