Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Keith R.A. DeCandido was born and raised in New York Resident Evil: Extinction the novel by DeCandido was such a huge step up from Apocalypse! You learn more about Jill Valentine in this novel and. Start by marking “Resident Evil: Extinction” as Want to Read: Want to Read . The plot aspects of this novel, like the two before it, are done well in my opinion. Buy the eBook Resident Evil, Extinction by Keith R. A. DeCandido online from Australia's leading online eBook store. More eBooks in Science Fiction See All.


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Resident Evil: Extinction

Alice fought and gain control and ran after Dr. He ran and hopped on a helicopter and flew off. Alice ran off leaving LJ and Carlos behind because she doesn't want Dr.

Isaacs to control her again and make her kill them or other people. Carlos and Resident evil extinction novel try to find her but failed.

Resident Evil: Extinction - Keith R. A. DeCandido - Google книги

They bumped resident evil extinction novel a pack of living humans who were led by Claire Redfield. LJ fell in love with the pack's nurse, Betty. Alice traveled the Nevada desert in search for Dr. Isaac and the Umbrella Corp for turning her into a "freak" and for killing Angie.


Jill meet some survivors and made a pack of her own. LJ was bitten by a zombie as he search a hotel for food and other materials.


He didn't tell anyone about it, so no one will get worried. In the morning, they were attacked by birds.

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Betty and 10 others were killed by the zombie birds. The others were saved by Alice as she controlled fire from the flamethrower with her mind! Alice resident evil extinction novel Claire that Alaska is isolated and freed from infection.

She traveled with them to Las Vegas and the city was invested with zombies. A lot of people got killed and LJ turned into a zombie and bit Carlos. Carlos shot LJ and Alice got controlled by Dr.

The satilite had a malfunction and Alice gain control. She found out that Dr.

She ran into a building and on to the roof. She found a tent and shot everyone in there as Dr. Isaacs ran to the helicopter.


He was bit resident evil extinction novel a stronger zombie and retreat to his labratory. Alice traced the helicopter by using a computer which showed her that he went to a lab in the outskirts of Las Vegas. The lab was inside of a wire fence which kept the zombies out.

While previous installments in the series had minor changes to plot and characters, Extinction branches completely away from the video game series as evidenced by the fact that Resident Evil 4 takes place six years after the events portrayed in Resident Evil 2 and the world has not become overrun with zombies.

References to Code Veronica are made, such as the replica mansion and the viral outbreak itself. Isaac's lab, [5] and it also referenced the first film with the inclusion of a replica Hive facility designed after the one in Raccoon Citythe Raccoon City Hospital, a holographic computer database known as the White Queen, and the replica Spencer Mansion.

While the concept resident evil extinction novel the undead remains the same, this film includes "Super Undead".