"Sarah's Key" cuts back and forth between a tragic story involving the Holocaust and an essentially trivial, feel-good story about a modern-day. Paris, July Sarah, a ten year-old girl, is brutally arrested with her family by the French police in the Vel' d'Hiv' roundup, but not before she. Summary. Sarah's Key tells the story of two people, a young girl and a middle-aged woman, and the remote connection between their lives in France. In the beginning of the novel, the chapters alternate between the two separate lives of Sarah and Julia.


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Sarah's Key Summary & Study Guide

When her son is nine, Sarah — still despondent and blaming herself for her brother's death - drives her car into the path of an oncoming truck. It's explained to her son that her death sarah s key summary an accident. In the present, the French husband of journalist Julia Kristin Scott Thomas inherits sarah s key summary apartment of his grandparents his elderly father was the boy who opened the door to Sarah in August Having previously done an article on the Vel' d'Hiv RoundupJulia finds her interest piqued when she learns that the apartment came into her husband's family at about the time of the Roundup and she begins to investigate what happened 60 years earlier.

Her father-in-law tells Julia what he knows so she will quit prying.


Julia begins an obsessive quest to find any trace of Sarah, eventually learning of her life in Brooklyn and finally locating William in Italy. Her mother tells Sarah to wake her younger brother, Michel, so they can gather their belongings. To protect him, Sarah s key summary decides to hide Michel in their secret cupboard in the bedroom.

Sarah believes they will be home soon to rescue Michel, so she locks him inside and hides the key in her pocket. The family is brought to a large garage sarah s key summary there are many other families.

Sarah's Key Summary & Study Guide

Sarah believes this is a temporary sarah s key summary. Sarah sees that her father is not telling her everything and she demands some answers.

When he fails to respond, she realizes that she has placed Michel in grave danger. The families are then loaded onto buses and taken away from the city.

They are brought to a stadium filled with people. As she notes the yellow stars on each jacket, Sarah finally realizes that they have all been brought there simply because they are Jewish.

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The movie was spell binding. I learned something new tonight.

Sarah's Key - Wikipedia

I have some of your reviews and some give it a 5 and others a 2, I am curious to know why only 2 sarah s key summary Aug 23, Shirley Platz rated it it was amazing This was an amazing read. The author drew you into the life of Sarah and the effects of the Halocost on this little girls life.


If you have an imagination Tatiana de Rosnay will take you to places you never dreamed. The boy's father, or Edouard's father comes into sarah s key summary room and removes Michel from the closet and laid him on Edouard's bed, who had died by then shriveled uphidden in the closet waiting for Sarah.

Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay Summary & Study Guide by BookRags

Julia Jarmond[ edit ] The second plot follows Julia Jarmond. The apartment they are thinking of moving into happens to have belonged to the Starzynski family sarah s key summary to being inhabited by Bertrand's grandparents and father, who was then about Sarah's age, sarah s key summary neither Julia nor Bertrand are aware of this.

Julia's boss, Joshua, asks her to write an article about the Vel' d'Hiv Roundupas the 60th anniversary was nearing. Julia tries to find out more about the roundup and through her research and questioning of Bertrand's grandmother discovers whom the apartment once belonged to.