Saraswati Ashtothram Shri Saraswati Ashtottara Shatanaamavali Duration: min. Views: Category: Travel. Saraswati Ashtottara Satha Nama Stotram. Sri Rama Ashtothram. Sakala Devatha Astothara Sathanamavali Sri Saraswathi Ashtothram. Sakala Devatha Astothara Sathanamavali Devi Stotram – Saraswati Ashtottara Sata Namavali Lyrics in Tamil: ஓம் ஸரஸ்வத்யை னமஃ ஓம் மஹாபத்ராயை னமஃ.


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Hence, she is also the fulfiller of all desires.


Mahapaatakanaashini She who destroys all weakness and sins. Mahashraya She is the saraswathi ashtothram refuge to everyone in the universe.


She being the mother of the universe, she looks after all her children. Nobody is orphan or left out in the world, She is always there for everyone.

saraswathi ashtothram

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Saraswathi ashtothram a person realizes this and takes refuge in her, then there would be nothing he would ever worry about. She is both the granter of all boons, desires and prosperity as well as enjoyer of those fruits.

She is the doer saraswathi ashtothram action as well as the dispenser and the enjoyer of the fruits of action. Arms represent Karma actions performed.

Saraswathi Ashtothram

She is the performer as well as the controller of all actions. Mahabhaga refers to being infinitesimally small.


She is not only infinitely vast but also infinitesimally small. She is the source and personification of these attributes. Divyaangaa She who has celestial body. She who is extolled and saraswathi ashtothram by the saraswathi ashtothram. MahaKaLi Kaala means time. She is the personification of time principle.

Hindu devotional blog: Saraswathi Ashtothram

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