Print and download in PDF or MIDI Keyboard Sonata in C major, K Keyboard Sonata in C major, K, by Domenico Scarlatti. This is a music theory video which gives a harmonic analysis of one of Domenico Scarlatti's numerous. Download Keyboard Sonata in C major, K. by Domenico Scarlatti for free from


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Scarlatti himself never gathered them into suites. Early copyists and editors liked to group them in pairs, similar in key but contrasting in tempo.

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This, too, is a practice that while effective, and widely followed in performance cannot with any certainty be associated with the composer. Like any jester, he scarlatti k 159 an exhibitionistic streak. Their astonishing character draws on several sources.

One is the outstanding instrumental virtuosity they require and display particularly in the use of special effects like crossed hands and even glissando. Another is their harmonic extravagance, manifested both in terms of boldly handled dissonance and an often flamboyant, yet exquisitely graded use of modulatory chromaticism.

Still another is the fantastic variety with which their single basic shape is treated. Finally, there is a singular imprint of local color—a local color that scarlatti k 159 listeners in countries where the international music trade flourished seemed exotic as it must have seemed to the foreign-born Scarlatti himself, hence his penchant for noticing and drawing on it.

At a time when music, like the other arts, was mainly valued for its mimetic properties, Scarlatti sought to scarlatti k 159 what Thomas Twining, a friend of Dr.


They are numbered here according to the catalogue scarlatti k 159 Ralph Kirkpatrick —84an eminent harpsichordist who in his biography of Scarlatti tried to put the sonatas in something resembling a chronological order.

The Sonata in G, K.

Sonata for keyboard in C major, K. | Details | AllMusic

As is also typical for Scarlatti, the endings of each binary half match up with their counterparts more closely scarlatti k 159 the beginnings, so that a drive to completion is achieved. The harmony is clearly A major. In fact, this pungent decoration was widely employed by harpsichordists.

Francesco Geminiani, an Italian violinist who worked in England, called particular attention to it in his Treatise of Good Taste in the Art of Musick Scarlatti k 159 sort of simultaneous mordent, it was called acciaccatura from acciaccare, to bruise or batter.

Sonata in C Major, K. , a song by Domenico Scarlatti, Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli on Spotify

The first half already contains chords whose roots lie the very maximum distance—namely, a tritone—away from the tonic on a complete rather than diatonically adjusted circle of fifths. The second half begins scarlatti k 159 a remarkable excursion Ex.


The harmonic distance covered in Ex. For him it is only one of many ways of proceeding, and scarlatti k 159 rather exceptional one at that.

: Sonata K. for Saxophone Quartet by Domenico Scarlatti : Everything Else

The same goes for the overall shape of the Sonata in F minor, K. In scarlatti k 159 sonata, the return of the original tonic happens to coincide with a return of the opening thematic material.

The double return is often thought typical of Scarlatti, because the most famous Scarlatti sonata of all—C major, K.


Which view is the true view? That makes this C major effort a late work, despite the fact that almost more keyboard sonatas would flow from Scarlatti 's pen before his death in Listening to the work, however, one might believe its joviality and youthful playfulness clearly suggest it was the creation of a young man.

But scarlatti k 159 ever-spirited, forward-looking Scarlatti produced many such pieces, early and late, throughout his distinguished set of scarlatti k 159.

Marked Allegro, the Sonata opens with a lively theme whose perky character and sense of joy are, if anything, enhanced by the mostly descending contour.