A poisoned bolt has struck down the Princess Anita on the day of her wedding to Prince Arutha of Krondor. To save his beloved, Arutha. Silverthorn First edition cover Author Raymond E. Feist Original title Translator Illustrator Cover Artist Country Language Series The Riftwar Saga Subject(s). This is the second volume in Raymond E. Feist's trilogy The Riftwar Saga. Silverthorn begins a year after the events of Magician and Prince Arutha's reign has.


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This addition to the Riftwar Saga is an enjoyable read without, understandably, reaching the heights of its predecessor. The characters are many, varied and full of life and you will happily join them silverthorn by raymond e feist the road to the Dark Elf capital but you will not be left breathless as you were with the original.

All in all, a worthwhile read without pushing out any boundaries. This Silverthorn book review was written by Floresiensis All reviews for: Riftwar Saga Riftwar Saga: Anyway, The gang have to go off on a quest to find the silverthorn in order to uh, help things, yeah, help things.


Arutha, Martin, some guards I like but forgot their names for shame some other silverthorn by raymond e feist they pick up along the way and Jimmy and Laurie. They go on a dangerous quest because these evil beings are after them.

I mean they are in regular bodies and then they reanimate and all kinds of evil stuff. Things end up great in that area. They manage to reach the abbey, but their enemies strike again with powerful sorcery, both attacks barely repulsed by the mighty defenses of Sarth Abbey and its priests.


From information gathered at the abbey, Arutha's quest turns to the elves of Elvandar for more information. Meanwhile, Pug returns to Stardock to seek the aid of a scryer, whose vision of the future reveals a dark force behind Murmandamus, a powerful enemy speaking in ancient Tsuraniwho is even capable of perceiving the silverthorn by raymond e feist past the barriers of time and probability.

Believing the threat therefore to be a danger to both worlds, Pug seeks more information from the Tsurani Assembly of magicians, and with the help of research from the books of Macros, creates a new rift silverthorn by raymond e feist Kelewan and returns to his old estate with two companions, posing as priests.

In Elvandar, Arutha is told that the silverthorn plant can also serve as the cure, and grows only around the lake Moraelin, in moredhel-held territory, surrounded by silverthorn by raymond e feist barrier the elves are unable to pass.

He and his band set out for Moraelin. In Kelewan, Pug arrives to find himself removed from the Assembly and declared an outlaw.

Silverthorn by Raymond E Feist book review

His old friend and fellow Great One Hochopepa is willing to aid him, but they are captured by a Great One loyal to the current Warlord, who seeks to gain control of the Empire. Tortured by the Warlord and his inquisitors, and with his Greater Path magic neutralized, Pug turns to the Lesser Path, becoming the second magician ever to master both paths after Silverthorn by raymond e feist the Black.

Another assassination attempt was foiled by Jimmy the Hand, but the poisoned bolt struck Anita.

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With scant clues and a race against time for an antidote, Arutha led a party silverthorn by raymond e feist the one place where any question may be answered, the great library at the Abbey of Sarth. They were pursued doggedly by Muradthe Battlemaster of the moredhels, and his Black Slayers.

They were turn back at the Abbey by Dominicone of the brothers of the Order of Ishap.

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Undeterred by Sarth's mighty defenses, two separate attacks were made with powerful sorcery, and both were barely repulsed. However, Arutha found out that the poison was made by a rare plant, silverthorn, and that he must journey to the elves of Elvandar.

The group decided to split: