Surat Dokumen Limbah B3, dengan no register dengan kode AIN (tujuh angka). Kep/Bapedal/09/ tentang Simbol dan Label Limbah Bahan. Untuk memudahkan identifikasi, selain melekatkan simbol dan label limbah B3 pada kemasan, harus pula dibuat suatu packing list yang berisi. Simbol Limbah B3 dan Label Limbah B3 merupakan sesuatuyang berbeda. Simbol dalam hal ini mengartikan gambar yang menunjukkan karakte.


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Jasa Pengurusan Izin Pengangkutan Darat Limbah B3, Akta sk 3,3juta

The waste from leather tanneries is detrimental to the environment and the people who live in it. The use of old technologies plays a large factor in how hazardous wastewater results in contaminating the simbol limbah b3. This is especially prominent in small and medium-size tanneries in developing countries.

Wastewater Water will not only have a diluting effect, it simbol limbah b3 increases the number of kg of BOD per ton of hides.

Wastewater generated from leather tanning industries mostly contains 9 groups of pollutants, i. In general, wastewater generated from leather tanning industries has characteristics as follows: Greenish blue color from the use of chromium III Foamy Containing high level of sulfide, suspended solids, and organic matters Varies pH between 3 and 12 Septic Every leather tanning process step, with exception of the crust finishing operations, produces wastewater.

Solid Waste According to Buljanthe solid waste produced per ton of raw hide is about — kg, comprised of trimming, fleshing, wet blue split, and buffing dust.

Air Pollution An important simbol limbah b3 of the air pollution by leather tanneries is caused by the simbol limbah b3 for energy.

Inthe Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Simbol limbah b3 RIVM estimated the need for the Dutch tanneries at kWh of electricity per ton of raw hides and m3 of gas per ton of raw hides for heating.

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The use of organic solvents and dyes also cause emissions into the simbol limbah b3. Re-use of wastewater with a minimal harmful or even a moderately beneficial effect on earlier processes may be considered as an option.

Curing Hides and Skins A reduction of the use of salt for preservation can be considered as an option. Chilling at very low temperatures can also preserve the hides simbol limbah b3 skins for a few days.

Another alternative preservation method is radiation by electron beam or gamma rays.

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Where possible, biodegradable preservatives should be used instead of derivatives of chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons due to their persistence in the waste and toxic characteristics. Beamhouse Simbol limbah b3 Hair saving methods are simbol limbah b3 to prevent degraded keratin from entering the waste streams.

It is also recommended that the unhairing and liming stages should be separated. Both liquids can be recharged and hair can be screened out.

The intermediate wash can be re-used as a soak liquid.

simbol limbah b3 Tanning Process Alternative mineral salts such as alum, zirconium, titanium, iron salts, or a combination thereof, might be used as substitutes for chromium salts, producing wet white leather which more ecofriendly than the wet blue leather produced from chrome tanning. However, under certain conditions aluminum is known to be more poisonous to aquatic life than chromium III and even hexavalent chromium.

Re-use of chromium is a more realistic alternative.

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The unused tanning fluids which contain chromium can be collected separately. From these fluids and from the solids that contain chromium, chromium can be recovered.

The remainder may be used as source material for glue simbol limbah b3 animal feedstuff.

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In countries where discharge of chromium is strictly prohibited, great efforts are made to recover and re-use chrome. Alternative vegetable tanning methods can also replace chrome tanning to a high degree.


An example is the Liritan process, developed in South Africa. A high chemical uptake, low pollution load, uniform penetration of the tan and a shortened process time with consequent financial simbol limbah b3 are claimed to be the main advantages of this process, but little is known on the practical implications.

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Finishing A reduction of volatile organic compounds VOC can be accomplished by using aqueous finishes for base and middle finishing coatings.

The goal is to reduce or remove organic matter, solids, nutrients, chrome, and other pollutants since each receiving body of water can only receive certain amounts simbol limbah b3 pollutants without suffering degradation.

Therefore, each effluent treatment plant must adhere to discharge standards — limits usually promulgated simbol limbah b3 the relevant environmental authority as allowable levels of pollutants, for practical reasons expressed as BOD5, COD, suspended solids SSCr, total dissolved solids TDS and others.

The three main categories of tannery wastewater, each one having very distinctive characteristics, are: