We found that the total cost of ownership associated with a single RAN solution is 21% lower than that associated with an equivalent overlay. Cut network complexity with Single RAN Advanced Nokia Single RAN supports a multitude of sharing options – baseband, RF, backhaul and fronthaul transport. With Evo RAN, Ericsson has developed a mobile network solution that mode as well as GSM/EDGE and WCDMA/HSPA in a single package.


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It's all about the base station Ericsson AB Nasdaq: The way base station units are fixed to poles may sound rather dull, but it's the kind of logistical and operational change that can single ran ericsson a major impact on radio network planning and improve the efficiency of mobile network engineering and maintenance teams, which can have a single ran ericsson impact on operational costs.

In addition, the smaller size also increases the number of locations where radio access equipment could potentially be located, which is especially important when it comes to urban coverage and adding capacity in high usage areas, though of course there are still power supply and backhaul considerations to take into account.

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The New Rail Network The new Ericsson radio unit that slots onto a rail and is fitted with a single bolt. Does it have to be that color though? single ran ericsson

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It has also increased the number of form factors, offering small macro cell products with a range of tens of kilometers to microcells small cells for boosting local capacity and with a range of up to 2 kilometers. You can read full details of the new RAN gear available from the third quarter of this year and the 15B release offer in the following official announcements, in which Ericsson notes that these advances are part of its single ran ericsson towards a 5G environment: Heavy Reading senior analyst Gabriel Brown, who has tracked the radio access market for more than a decade, is impressed.

Cost of change capex transformational costs Other capex Existing network vendor maintenance 2G, 3G Incremental network vendor maintenance LTE Existing infrastructure running costs such single ran ericsson power, site rental and operational personnel Incremental infrastructure running costs such as power, site rental and operational personnel Other opex Figure 2 illustrates the results of the modelling exercise for the three scenarios.

Analysys Mason, single ran ericsson Our analysis suggests a significant cost saving associated with the SRAN strategy The modelling exercise resulted in the following observations about the costs associated with the different deployment strategies.


Scenarios 1 and 2 have similar capex requirements. This implies that the 3G RAN can be replaced at no additional cost compared to Scenario 1 overlay solution.

This unexpected result is explained by the fact that the SRAN naturally achieves economies of scale by using universal hardware cards for all access technologies. This reduction in opex is mainly driven by the fact that separate vendor maintenance contracts for the 2G, 3G and LTE networks single ran ericsson more costly than a single maintenance single ran ericsson associated with a single RAN network.