A single stage air compressor works using the force of a piston and pressure sensitive valve. It is designed to house one cylinder that compresses air with a. Find your single-stage compressor easily amongst the products from the leading brands (INGERSOLL, KAESER, MATTEI, ) on DirectIndustry, the industry. Designed for any environment, our 3 and 5 hp single stage compressors are ideal for almost anyone, from individuals that thrive on do-it-yourself projects to the.


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Single stage compressor, due to oil flooded nature of the machine and the risk of moisture condensation, intercooling is very limited. Every compressor brings in some moisture with the intake air. Higher ambient temperature single stage compressor relative humidity means more water vapor brought into the compressor.

Air can hold less moisture as pressure increases, but more moisture as temperature increases. But there are some single-stage specific points to keep in mind.

Single and Two Stage Piston Air Compressors

Because single stage compressor single-stage air compressor market is filled with misinformation, low-quality products and misleading product information! Things to check before buying a single-stage air compressor Maximum pressure Of course, check the maximum pressure.

Keep in mind that if you buy a compressor with a higher maximum pressure than you need, you can always lower the pressure setpoint.

Or, single stage compressor can keep the higher pressure and use the pressure reducer to reduce the pressure to the pressure you need.

This way you have an extra buffer. Great if you have big air tools that require a lot of compressed air and you only need them for a minute or two.

Single-stage compressor - All industrial manufacturers - Videos

Keep in mind, that pumping up to an higher pressure will costs you a lot more electricity. Capacity The capacity of the compressor is the amount of air that is produced by the single stage compressor.


The QVPQ is a portable 26 gallon 2 hp single stage single stage compressor air single stage compressor with a psi capacity. This volt vertical air compressor is equipped with an oil-lubricated pump and a cast iron pump housing and is designed to provide in excess of 10 thousand hours of pump life.

The QVPQ delivers 8.

Single Stage vs. Two Stage Air Compressors | Quincy Compressor

Such risks are greatly reduced with the use of an air—powered drill, which can drill holes through 2x4s faster, and with greater accuracy. After the project is assembled, the raw edges and rough surfaces need to be smoothed out and polished. Sanding makes the difference between raw wood and panel material, but it usually takes machinery to achieve such transformation.

Sure, sandpaper has been around for ages, but the grains of sand usually leave marks single stage compressor streaks in whichever direction the hand swings. These are single stage compressor reasons why woodworking requires an orbital pneumatic sander, which moves around in multiple directions for a smooth, streak—less finish on all types of wood surfaces.

Single Stage Air Compressor | Quincy Compressor

single stage compressor Simply put, metal crafts require electric or air—powered tools that go above and beyond mere human capabilities. The following tasks can be performed on metal within seconds with a single—stage compressor and the appropriate pneumatic tools.

As conventional wisdom holds, metal alloys must be molded a certain way in order for the finished product to come in a particular shape.


With an air—powered shear, metal workers can cut through sheets of metal in a similar manner to cutting cardboard with a rotary cutter.