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Nowadays, it has become the custom that in constructing important buildings, distinguished figures are the first to strike the pickaxe on the ground.

Siratul Mustafa

Prior to the Battle of the Trench, the Holy Sirat ul mustafa S was also the first to break the ground in digging the trenches. The secret behind this is that the food of a goal-oriented religious person must also have a divine connection.


The products of a factory have the special logo and emblem of that factory. For example, a porcelain-producing factory puts its logo on all its wares, both big sirat ul mustafa small.

Every country has its own flag hoisted above offices and garrisons, on ships and on office tables.


In every activity, big and small; everywhere, in the mosque or factory; and anytime, in the morning or evening, this blessed phrase is uttered by Muslims, and thus, we read sirat ul mustafa the hadith: Although some individuals have not regarded it as part of the surah or have abandoned mentioning it in the prayer, these people have been subjected to criticism by Muslims.

I will never forget You in any situation. You are my aim; not the people, not the world and not capricious desires. In principle, each of the Sirat ul mustafa of God points to one of His Attributes, and not just one sign and symbol for God.

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The names of individuals are diverse. Some names are like the alarm of a clock which only indicates the arrival of a certain period of time.

Beginning an action with expressions of mercy signifies that the divine foundation and basis is anchored on mercy and grace, and it is only fitting for man sirat ul mustafa seek assistance from the Fountainhead of Mercy. Rahman is a name exclusive for God because it is sirat ul mustafa His beneficence which is universal, all-encompassing and perpetual.

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In addition, if others would ever give something, it is because they expect worldly or otherworldly rewards; they give grass in order to get milk! God is the Lord of all the worlds. He is the Lord of whatever is in the heavens and the earth and sirat ul mustafa is between them: God has determined the course of growth and perfection of all creatures after creating them and the divine nurture is the same course as that of sirat ul mustafa guidance.

It is He who taught the ant how to preserve its winter resources.

sirat ul mustafa He has created the human body in such a way that it is automatically hematogenous. Yes, such a God is worthy of praise and gratitude.

One of the peculiar characteristics of man is that he appreciates beauty, perfection and elegance, and expresses gratitude for favors and goodness. God, the Exalted, is worthy of praise on account of His Beauty and Perfection, and Sirat ul mustafa is worthy of being thanked because of His goodness and favors.


Of course, to be grateful to God is not inconsistent with expressing thanks to people provided that it is the command of God and in the way of God. Though much of his time in Hyderabad was spent in research and authorship he did continue to teach; he taught the hadith sirat ul mustafa Mishkat al-masabih in its entirety several times.

The two lived across from each other for some time and would often engage in conversation regarding Islam. Sirat ul mustafa friends and contacts included Manazir Ahsan Gilani and Abdul Bari Nadwiin whose gatherings many learned individuals would congregate.