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sondas urologicas All these divisions were considered and reported in order to precisely localize the tumors and achieve a better association with the histologic reports. Only tumors originating sondas urologicas the peripheral zone were included in our study. Mean ADCs were measured and examined for correlation with Gleason scores.

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The radiologist was blinded to the Gleason scores. All measurements were performed through the application of a single slice region of interest ROI within the tumor in the ADC map, trying to avoid tumor edges. ROIs had the same size sondas urologicas all tumors 27mm2.

In multifocal tumors, the two largest foci were considered for ADC measurement. In large, heterogeneous tumors, ROIs were placed in the darkest area of the tumor. Due to limitations in spatial resolution, tumors smaller than 5mm in sondas urologicas axis were not studied.


Among the 30 patients, 2 had multifocal pathology with volume enough to measure on the ADC map, so a total of 32 tumors were studied. Example of ROI placement. Left peripheral prostate cancer in a year-old man PSA 9. A Axial T2-weighted Sondas urologicas image shows a left peripheral hypointense tumor sondas urologicas.

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All prostatectomies were performed within 15 days of mp-MRI, and no treatment was implemented between them. Two pathologists with 5 years of experience reviewed the specimens and were blinded to the MRI results. The sondas urologicas were received fresh from the operating room, and both weight and dimensions were recorded.

After fixation, the apex and base were removed from each specimen as thin shave margins, and the seminal vesicles were amputated, cut into two halves and processed in toto. Then midglands were sectioned at 5mm intervals perpendicular to the long axis of the gland.

Similarly to the MR analysis, six sextants were considered: Each tumor was measured in three dimensions and a Sondas urologicas score was given.

When several foci were found, Gleason scores were given separately. Statistical analysis Sondas urologicas variables were considered: ADC values, a numeric variable, and Gleason scores, an ordinal variable.

Sondas urologicas pdf free

In relation to the Gleason scores, eight different grade groups were identified according to the primary and secondary features present. Gleason score was discretized sondas urologicas two new binary variables score 6 vs score higher than 6; scores 6, 7 vs scores 8, 9.

An exploratory analysis sondas urologicas carried out for all variables. Continuous variables were presented as mean or median, standard deviation SD or inter-quartile range 25th percentile—75th percentileas required.

Antibióticos y bacteriuria asintomática. Essencial

sondas urologicas The relationship between ADCs and ordinal Gleason score groups was firstly analyzed by applying Spearman's correlation coefficient. Data was also displayed in a scatterplot.

Moreover, in order to study the diagnostic accuracy of the mean ADC, logistic regression models were fitted to sondas urologicas data considering the two previous defined binary variables as the outcome. Predictive sondas urologicas discriminative abilities of the models were assessed by the Hosmer—Lemeshow goodness of fit test and by the area under the receiver operating characteristic curve ROCrespectively.

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A model with good sondas urologicas will have a lower observed Hosmer—Lemeshow chi-square statistic sondas urologicas and a non-significant p-value. Statistical analyses were performed with software SPSS, version To download sondas nasogastricas pdf, click on the download button.

Sondas polarograficas thermo orion download as pdf file.