We spotlight the book and movie versions of Sphere by Michael Crichton including newly revealed content from The Official Michael Crichton. Sphere is a novel written by author Michael Crichton that was published in The novel was adapted into the film Sphere in The story follows Norman  Pages‎: ‎ “Ingenious and beguiling.” —Time“Crichton keeps us guessing at every turn in his best work since The Andromeda Strain.” —Los Angeles Times“Sphere may be.


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As evidenced later, she is arguably the most out of touch with her emotions. It may have been indicated that Beth did not rid herself of the power, as during the Novel, she used the "Power" to gain beauty. In the end, Norman compliments Beth, saying that he just realized how sphere michael crichton she was.

Harold Barnes — Harold Hal is the one in charge of the underwater scientific investigation.


Given that he's more of a military man than a scientific one, his interests tend to conflict with the other main characters. His manner is usually cold, impatient, and distrustful. He also has a tendency sphere michael crichton withhold crucial information from his crew and follow his own hidden agenda at their expense.

Tina Chan - Tina is a female navy crew member that is also in the habitat. She develops somewhat of a strong relationship with Beth throughout the book. She survives sphere michael crichton most of the book, but is killed when the giant squid manifested by Harry attacks the habitat at one point in the book.

The film largely follows the novel, although there are many differences between the novel and film.

Sphere -

sphere michael crichton After a shocking debriefing--they're told about the alien ship lying feet below the waves--the five descend by minisub to a deep-sea habitat.

From there, the band explores the spaceship--which they deduce is an earth ship that traveled here from the future via a black hole--and find the sphere: Lost World is not about cashing in on the notion of cloning again; its about successful species as extinction-level events.

Sphere is, in my opinion, Michael Crichton's most interesting book on two levels. I don't want to go too deep, but I'll say that it is, in my humble hypothesis, the uncredited inspiration for the excellent show Lost.

Again, the writing is problematic Crichton manages to use the word "foam" 23 times or so in two paragraphs but, even after all these years, the content still stirs me: Knopf Paperback Plot Synopsis A group of American scientists are rushed to a huge vessel that has been discovered resting on the ocean floor in the middle of the South Sphere michael crichton.

sphere michael crichton What they find defines their imaginations and mocks their attempts at logical explanation. It is a spaceship of phenomenal dimensions, apparently, undamaged by its fall from the sky.

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Main characters[ edit ] Norman Johnson is the protagonist and a psychologist who, years earlier, was responsible sphere michael crichton defining the operational procedures should the US ever come into contact with alien life sphere michael crichton although he admits that he treated the request to do so as a joke at the time.

Despite being the least physically fit team member in the context of an underwater habitathe is arguably the most level-headed of the sphere michael crichton. Nonetheless, Johnson takes time and trouble to convince the group to collaborate.

Harold "Harry" Adams is a young, intelligent, African-American mathematician. While intellectually gifted and professionally secure, he is arrogant, unsympathetic, disdainful, and often uncooperative with the others, as a legacy of growing up as a mathematical prodigy who was often picked on as a child because of his lack of athletic talent.

Elizabeth Halpern is a biochemist who is gentle and caring while simultaneously fierce, combative, and confrontational. She perceives herself as being dominated by the male scientists. Theodore Fielding is an astrophysicist and an enthusiastic opportunistwhose pretensions tend to cause conflict in his relationships with the others, despite his good intentions.

It is later revealed his ambition is driven by anxiety and a conviction he has to achieve fame and do so fast, because he believes that the time for him to do so is fast running out. Arthur Levine is marine biologist and the sole member of the team not chosen by Norman.

He is also the only team member who doesn't make the descent to sphere michael crichton crash site. Barnes is a retired Navy captain sphere michael crichton has charge of the underwater scientific investigation.


He is brusque, impatient, and distrustful - possibly as a result of his military background.