SPP Pumps has been working with consultants, contractors, installers and end-users for more than a century to achieve the most cost effective Fire System. SPP Pumps (South Africa) (Pty) Ltd, previously known as the Howden Pumps Group, is owned by Kirloskar Brothers Limited of India and is located in Chloorkop. Search in SPP catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE PUMP SOLUTIONS IN THE OIL & GAS INDUSTRY.


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Pumps supplied on pallets may be lifted by forklift truck, to lift from the pallet the pump should be slung as shown. Clear and easy access to all controls, gauges and dials etc. The pump shaft should be rotated by hand at least spp pumps catalogue turns every six weeks.

SPP Pumps - SPP - PDF Catalogue | Technical Documentation | Brochure

For special protection of the coupling and electric motor, where applicable, refer spp pumps catalogue the manufacturers' instructions in the relevant appendix. Guards are provided to prevent access to these parts, where they have been removed for maintenance they MUST be replaced before operating the equipment.

Remove packaging but leave the flange covers in place, check that impeller rotates freely spp pumps catalogue hand by turning the shaft. Failure to supply the stuffing box or mechanical seal with cooling or flush water may result in damage and premature failure of the pump.

Page 9 Operators Instructions for Unistream Centrifugal Pumps signal can still be heard with ear defenders worn.


Hazardous Gases, Mists, Sprays and Leaks Be aware spp pumps catalogue the hazards relating to the pumped fluid, especially the danger from inhalation of noxious and toxic gases, skin and eye contact or penetration. Obtain and understand the hazardous substance Spp pumps catalogue data sheets relating to the pumped fluid and note the recommended emergency and first aid procedures.

Hazardous Materials Wear a suitable mask or respirator when working with Packing and Gasket components that contain fibrous material, as these can be hazardous when the fibrous dust is inhaled.


Be cautious, if other supplier's components have been substituted for genuine SPP Pumps Ltd parts, these may then contain hazardous materials.

Page 11 Operators Instructions for Unistream Centrifugal Pumps and without Lantern Ring 6 6 6 If the packing rings are to be cut from a coil, or length of spp pumps catalogue, the size, number of rings and length are shown in the tables.

Wrap the packing strip around a dummy shaft of the required diameter, overlapping the coils as spp pumps catalogue.

Horizontal End-Suction Pump (SPP) | Scope Metals

Note that if packing is cut from flat material or with square joint lines, a good seal will not be achieved. Care must be taken to ensure that the stationery element of the seal and the shaft are not damaged when extracting spp pumps catalogue shaft. SPP pumps and systems are installed on all continents providing valuable high integrity services for diverse industries, such as oil and gas production, water spp pumps catalogue waste water treatment, power generation, construction, mines and for large This is crucial to the on-going growth and development of the company.

At the main manufacturing facility located in the UK, SPP set the highest standards attainable in the industry for quality and reliability.


SPP distinguishes spp pumps catalogue product split between pre-engineered standard products and fully customised equipment engineered and packaged to order. The extensive manufacturing and testing capabilities reflect this wide and diverse product range.

To ensure efficient use of production SPP has an extensive range of products suitable for a variety of applications.

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Lowest Life Cycle Cost Spp pumps catalogue SPP's recognises the increasing emphasis on whole life cost when evaluating pumping schemes, for the twenty-first century.

In-house expertise ensures compliance with all applicable specifications and regulations.

SPP has also established quality assurance and document spp pumps catalogue business systems allied to the needs of the major oil and gas contractors and end users.