Story of O has ratings and reviews. karen said: i am not going to write a serious review of this book. if One can only feel sorry for poor Desclos. It was only after the author's death in that Pauline Reage was revealed to be Anne Desclos, whose cautiousness regarding her identity. No: Anne Desclos. All three were the same woman, but for years the real name behind the incendiary work was among the best-kept secrets in.


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Paulhan was covering his tracks.

I wrote the story of O

But there you have it. It was first published fifteen years after the original work, in a separate volume. Her lover, Jean Paulhan, wrote the preface as if the author were unknown to story of o anne desclos.

The writer's true identity was not revealed until ten years ago, when, in an interview with John de St.

The Story of O | Introduction & Summary |

Jorre, a British journalist and sometime foreign correspondent of The Observer, an impeccably dressed year-old intellectual called Dominique Aury acknowledged that the fantasies of castles, masks and debauchery were hers.

The Grove Press edition U. Paulhan admired the Marquis de Sade story of o anne desclos writing and told Desclos that a woman could not write in a similar fashion.

Desclos interpreted this as a challenge and wrote the book. Paulhan was so impressed that he sent it to a publisher.

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In one part he says, "But from the beginning to end, the story of O is managed rather like some brilliant feat. It reminds you more of a speech than of a mere effusion; of a letter rather than a secret diary.

Return to Roissy : Story of O 2 – Tempting Fate | Story of O

But to whom is the letter addressed? Whom is the speech trying to convince? Aury's son, Philippe d'Argila, the child of her very brief marriage in her twenties to a Catalan journalist, was himself in his twenties when O story of o anne desclos.

I only found out inwhen there was talk of making a film and people came round to discuss it.

The Story Of O : Pauline Reage : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

D'Argila says he was not shocked: In the s and s the numbers crept up. Philippe d'Argila recalls accompanying his mother to an event at which she was greeted by President de Gaulle with the words: But the secret remained confined to an elite group of insiders until de St Jorre asked for and was granted an interview.

Even then, d'Argila believes, she didn't really intend to confess. I'm not sure she story of o anne desclos too precisely what he said. I don't think she meant to tell at that time.


De St Jorre is an engaging, serious man, who was respectful of Aury's literary achievement and story of o anne desclos would have had no interest in writing about her in a sensationalist way. Desforges thinks she did intend to reveal it: Then there were articles in the tabloids, photographs and requests for interviews.

This was a story of o anne desclos that had never been out of print, had been bought by millions, and during the s was the most widely read contemporary French novel outside France.

Not much has changed: Dominique Aury's life had, however, already changed in the only way she really cared about, in when Jean Paulhan died.

After that, I didn't. It was published soon after, with the original last, rejected, chapter, as Return to the Chateau. Why she consented to publish this abandoned part after so long is a mystery, not least because she prefaced it with a disclaimer: