We always wanted a workout that could get us results in under a half hour a day. And T25 was it! Download the T25 Workout Calendar here. Focus T25 Workout Schedule - Click HERE to download all 3 workout calendars for each phase of the Focus T25 workout: Alpha, Beta. Focus T25 is a DVD workout series from Shaun T, the trainer who created the Insanity video workout series. His T25 program is an intense.


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A vast majority of my members joining me are women and all of them love this workout!

Focus T25 Workout Schedule - FREE T25 Schedule PDF Downloads

That said, T25 workout schedule would like to mention that there is a FULL modifier that you can follow part of the time or the entire time if you need to remove any impact or intense moves that you physically are not able to do.

As long as you are focusing on form and bring your fire and intensity to the workout every time, you will get the same great results! Focus T25 T25 workout schedule Schedule As with all programs that you purchase through Beachbody, you will receive a calendar that walks t25 workout schedule through program day by day.

It shows you exactly which workout you should be doing so there is no need to figure it out on your own.


What I especially liked here was the cast size — handful of people, great camera angles, allowing you to pay better attention to form. This actually makes the Focus T25 workout really hard considering the 25 minutes it takes to do it.

Granted, you have exercises designed to lower your heart rate here and there, but overall it t25 workout schedule all intensity all the time.

Shaun T Focus T25 Workout - Review and Printable Calendar

You will be surprised how much sweat will come out of you in only 25 minutes. What is interesting in this phase is that you are faced with a huge lifestyle change working t25 workout schedule and eating healthy by following the nutrition planand yet you are not overwhelmed whatsoever.

I guess this is due to the fact that Focus T25 has you working out 25 minutes per day, not making you fatigue, not creating any major food cravings, leaving room for more stress and energy to t25 workout schedule put into healthy choices and habits.

Not to mention that your schedule will not take any hit at all.

Shaun T Focus T25 Workout

t25 workout schedule Another thing I liked a lot. Focus T25 Alpha phase review — The workouts I will jump in here for a second and try to comment on the videos from a somewhat more experienced point of view. Here is what I think each of them does: Cardio It is interesting how the cardio t25 workout schedule slow here and then gradually builds up.


It mainly focuses on the lower part of the body, preparing your calves and quads for what is about to come. What is interesting is that it targets the lower abs as well, t25 workout schedule probably provides for the biggest weight loss around the abdomen area that is to come.

The moves are not that much complex but it will wear you down nonetheless. Ab intervals This is a great ab workout and it will probably leave you sore in your abdomen for days the first time you try it t25 workout schedule even afterwards.


What is great here is that Shaun T combines specific abdominal exercises with cardio centered ones. T25 workout schedule burns quite a lot of fat in that specific area, and builds even stronger and denser muscle.

The Focus T25 Workout Calendar | Team Eternal Fit

Your lower abs are targeted a lot again. Lower focus As the name implies, this focuses on your lower part of the body, mainly your thighs, making this exercise slightly harder than t25 workout schedule previous two.

It is to blame for the drop in pants size you will be quick to notice.

A lot of specific and almost static exercises which are centered around your thighs and butt. I however, being obsessed with fitness, do. The lot of leg work causes you to be light on your feet, improving your speed, jumping power, agility, t25 workout schedule This also provides t25 workout schedule a lot of cardio and even better results in the lower part of your body.

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Total body circuit This Focus t25 workout is unlike the others since it introduces you to the exercises and then they repeat themselves adding more intensity. It is a circuit progression type of training, similar to the Insanity Asylum.

It also t25 workout schedule some more complex movements, like the shoulder tap push-up, the plank walk followed by a jump into a squat position, as well as the spider lunge which t25 workout schedule target your oblique abs.

The Focus T25 Review – Detailed Must-Read Review of Focus T25

T25 workout schedule can say that this workout is centered more upon the upper body when compared to the others and it is a perfect introduction to the beta phase. Focus T25 Alpha phase review — the results By the end of this phase the Focus T25 workout started working as I hoped, yet without the frustration of feeling exhausted and fatigue as I expected.

The first week was hard mostly in the sense of trying to catch breath, taking breaks more than T25 workout schedule expected, and getting used to some soreness due to years of inactivity.