TESIS DE DOCTORA EN ECONOMIA En este contexto el objetivo general de las tesis consiste en estudiar y Brasilera de Finanzas, 10(4), Alonso. El Magíster en Economía entrega una sólida formación en teoría económica y estén trabajando en su tesis de grado, permitiendo su dedicación exclusiva a. El centro de Recursos Educativos, monograf as, tesis y contenido m s amplio de la Red. M s de Administración y Finanzas Economía. Economía.


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The positive association of cognitive ability with financial literacy holds even after controlling for the main confounding factors i. Unlike previous studies, we and no evidence to support a gender gap on financial literacy levels.

Facultad de Economía y Negocios

Tesis a presentar jueves To achieve this objective, we determine the stochastic model that describes the daily dynamic behavior of hydrological contributions tesis de economia y finanzas we build a gaussian estimation technique to find the parameters that best define the mean reversion process with periodic functional tendency.

Once the estimation technique has been defined and validated, we proceed to apply it on the sample, which allows us to find the internal and external parameters of the process to simulate different paths and make a forecast.

tesis de economia y finanzas Finally, considering the stochastic modeling, we develop the price model for a financial derivative on weather, and we make the valuation of three financial options types from the model, results that are contrasted with the simulation of Monte Carlo for different cases.

Inefficiency and Banks' Failure: We develop a method to simultaneously estimate a stochastic frontier model and a tesis de economia y finanzas model using Bayesian techniques. This method overcomes issues related to two-stage estimation methods, allows for computing the marginal effects of the inefficiency over the probability of failure, and facilitates statistical inference of the functions of the parameters such as elasticities, returns to scale, and individual inefficiencies.

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Simulation exercises show that our proposal performs better than two-stage maximum likelihood, especially when the available data is scarce.

In addition, we find that inefficiency plays a statistically and economically significant role in determining the time to failure of U.

The Rise and Fall of Global Microcredit: Development, debt and disillusion - Google Books

Microcredit, the system of disbursing tiny micro-loans to the poor to help them to establish their own income-generating activities, was initially highly praised and some were even led to believe that it would end poverty as we know it.

But tesis de economia y finanzas recent years the microcredit model has been subject to growing scrutiny and often intense criticism. Under this theory, if actors perceive themselves to be in a losing situation they are inclined toward risks; if they see a winning situation around them, they prefer caution.

In Latin America, Weyland finds, where the public faced an open crisis it backed draconian reforms. And where such reforms yielded an apparent economic recovery, many citizens and tesis de economia y finanzas leaders perceived prospects of gains.