The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Alchemist, by Ben Jonson This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions. The Alchemist, comedy in five acts by Ben Jonson, performed in and published in The play concerns the turmoil of deception that ensues when. Explore 'The Alchemist' and other related collection items, on the British Eric Rasmussen and Ian DeJong introduce Ben Jonson's The Alchemist, which.


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Ananias returns with his pastor, Tribulation Wholesome. Subtle and Face also plot to sell these same household articles to the young widow, who, having just moved to London, is probably in need of such items.

The Alchemist Summary

In the meantime, Face meets in the the alchemist by ben jonson a Spanish don—Surly in clever disguise—who expresses a desire to confer with Subtle on matters of business and health. Dapper returns to meet the Queen of Fairy. At the same time, Drugger brings to the house Master Kastril, the angry young man who wants to learn to quarrel.

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Kastril is completely taken in. Subtle, promising to make him a perfect London gallant, arranges to have him instructed by Face, who poses as a city captain.

Kastril is so pleased with his new acquaintances that he sends Drugger to bring his sister to the house. Kastril having departed, Dol, Subtle, and Face relieve Dapper of all of his money in a ridiculous ritual in which Dapper is to see and talk to the Queen of Fairy.

During the shameless proceedings, Mammon knocks.

Dapper, who was blindfolded, is gagged and hastily put into a water closet at the rear of the house. Mammon enters and begins to woo Dol, whom he believes to be a distracted aristocrat. You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. Any text you add should be original, not copied from other sources.

At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. The alchemist by ben jonson, the main focus of his plays tended to be on the alchemist by ben jonson princes and kings with maybe the exception of Henry IV where Prince Harry spends a lot of time mingling with the commoners.

The Alchemist

I remember one of the things that came out of history when I was in university was that there was the development of an interest in the lives of the commoners. In a way, history was moving away from being little more than dates and dead people, and beginning to be the alchemist by ben jonson sociological examination of the lives of people at the time.

For instance I remember that in high school and university, the lecturer would give us a lecture on the common feudal village that existed at the time.

However, with me, being young, impressionable, and into Dungeons and Dragons, when I did history all I wanted to learn about wars and heroes, not about how the alchemist by ben jonson kids would be beaten by their fathers in the paddock so that they would know where to grow their crops.


Some time between andthe company, now the King's Menreassumed control of the playhouse, this time without objections. Their delayed the alchemist by ben jonson on this stage within the city walls, along with royal patronage, marks the ascendance of this company in the London play-world Gurr, The Alchemist was among the first plays chosen for performance at the theatre.

Jonson's play reflects this new confidence.

The Alchemist Summary -

In it, he applies his classical conception of drama to a setting in contemporary London for the first time, with invigorating results. The classical elements, most notably the relation between Lovewit and The alchemist by ben jonson, are fully modernised; likewise, the depiction of Jacobean London is given order and direction by the classical understanding of comedy as a means to expose vice and foolishness to ridicule.

Synopsis[ edit ] An outbreak of plague in London forces a gentleman, Lovewit, to flee the alchemist by ben jonson to the country, leaving his house under the sole charge of his butler, Jeremy.

Jeremy uses the opportunity given to him to use the house as the headquarters for fraudulent acts. He transforms himself into "Captain Face," and enlists the aid of Subtle, a fellow conman, and Dol Common, a prostitute.