The Reason for God has ratings and reviews. Paul said: This is book three in my quest to find a good explanation of the Christian faith. Onc. The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism Paperback – August 4, Timothy Keller, the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, addresses the frequent doubts that skeptics, and even ardent believers, have about religion. And to skeptics. Why does God allow suffering in the world? As the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, Timothy Keller has compiled a list of the most frequently voiced “doubts” skeptics bring to his church as well as the most important reasons for faith.


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The reason for god reason to read By Luke, Mar 08 This book is exactly what you need. We all have questions or at least have people around us who raise questions about what we believe, well this book is a great resource.

Not only is it easy to read but Timothy writes with such meat that you walk away from each chapter equipped. I could not recommend it more for anybody who is thinking through what they believe.

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Yes or No A book I borrowed off my brother. By Sabs, Feb 13 I went on this blind date once.


It was exciting and we got along like a house on fire. He the reason for god good-looking, a gentleman, intelligent. Then I find out he's just not into "the religion thing". We then went on to have hours of brilliant conversation.

The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism by Timothy J. Keller

I didn't feel I always had well thought out and intelligent answers. It really got me thinking.

I talked the reason for god my brother and he lent me 'The Reason For God'. So there's a reason why the driver of a bus taking kids home from their skiing trip had a heart attack as he was driving through a tunnel in the Swiss alps this past week so that he drove his bus right into a wall killing 22 children.

The Reason for God

the reason for god Well, TK does admit that suffering like this is a genuine problem for the believer. But then he says that actually evil and suffering may be if anything evidence for God I think it goes like this: But then they also believe that suffering is wrong, unjust. Where did this idea of wrongness and unjustness come from?

The non-believer doesn't have a good basis for being outraged at injustice… if you are sure the reason for god this natural world is unjust and filled with evil, you are assuming the reality of some extra-natural or supernatural standard by which to make your judgement.

The Reason for God - Wikipedia

Here is a thread which runs all the way through the book. TK simply doesn't accept that there are such things as secular humanitarian values. He thinks all the atheist humanitarians have got the reason for god values from God but are in denial or are just ignorant of the source of their values.

But I look at the reason for god differently. Certainly religion was where moral philosophies were formed and our most profound and ancient ideas such as the Golden Rule are necessarily based in religion because until the Enlightenment that was the only game in town.

The Reason for God - Timothy Keller | The Good Book Company

But gradually, by fits and starts, secular education the reason for god a scientific empirical point of view formed and over the centuries floated free the reason for god its religious moorings.

Keller appears to think that if I accept evolution in all its implications then I accept human beings are part of that and are subject to its laws which are the bloody and merciless laws of natural selection.

The strong eat the weak and no room whatsoever for compassion - Darwinism is natural untrammelled fascism.


But I say that this overlooks two unique things that happened to humans - Self-consciousness And Language And these two remarkable things freed us from being natural Darwinian fascists.