From Into the Wild to The Last Hope, the Warriors series has taken the world by storm. With the publication of The Ultimate Guide, however, some inconsistencie. Featuring never-before-seen information about the warrior cats, Warriors: The Ultimate Guide is a necessary addition to every Warriors collection and is perfect  Reading Level‎: ‎Ages Warriors is a series of novels published by HarperCollins. It is written by authors Kate Cary, . Later, after she wrote the first Warriors field guide, Tui Sutherland became the .. On 20 January , another short story, "The Clans Decide", was released on the Warriors Ultimate Leader Election site, starring Firestar, who won.


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Into the Woods, is especially recommended for cat lovers everywhere".

The art was also praised, with the ultimate guide warriors reviewer writing that "Hudson's artwork brings Sasha's emotional journey to life, showing each the ultimate guide warriors of fear, anxiety, contentment and joy.

The cat's-eye perspective of many of the panels, in addition, add [ sic ] a dramatic, energizing element to the book". The reviewer also wrote that "a twist at the end will leave fans eager for the next installment of Sasha's saga", and that the book would appeal to young adults trying to find their place in the world.

Warriors: The Ultimate Guide (Warriors Field Guide) Book Review and Ratings by Kids - Erin Hunter

The reviewer also wrote that "though the cover claims that this is a 'manga,' the straightforward illustrations are drawn in a simple, realistic style". These relationships are not allowed for various reasons: Holmes said that another central theme of the series centres on "faith and spirituality" in StarClan.

Some scenes take place within StarClan's realm, with no living the ultimate guide warriors present as point-of-view characters.

Thus the existence of an afterlife and the influence of spirits who have passed the ultimate guide warriors and yet retain their earthly identities is integral to all of the plot arcs in the series. Another idea explored in the novels is the reactions of different faiths when meeting each other.

Warriors: The Ultimate Guide | Erin Hunter Book | In-Stock - Buy Now | at Mighty Ape NZ

The ultimate guide warriors example, the Tribe of Rushing Water, which believes in different spiritual ancestors than the Clans, is introduced in Moonrise. In an author chat, Holmes explained that the books never say that either of the Clans or the Tribe of Rushing Water is right about faith because both are "equally valid.

Holmes said that "ignorance is a very scary thing! Mothwing and Cloudtail do not believe in StarClan.

Another theme is that characters can the ultimate guide warriors a mix of good and evil. Holmes has said she is fascinated by these "shades of gray" in personalities.

Now, I am on Goodreads, talking about books. And the first series will always remain my favorite, because of Firestar.

Warriors: Warriors : The Ultimate Guide by Erin Hunter (2013, Hardcover)

He taught me to love your friends, your enemies, to do what is right, even when it is hard to, and to be compassionate. When you can feel emotions when reading, that is a wonderful thing.

Truly is the ultimate guide. Colored pages, character profiles, territory overviews, the ultimate guide warriors.

Warriors: The Ultimate Guide by Erin Hunter

If you are a warrior fan at all, this is a MUST. Each section of the book then introduces a clan as a whole, revealing their habitat, territory, and the code they follow.


Each member is then profiled in detail, offering not only its history but also its role and personality. The personality of each member is also brilliantly portrayed in the evocative color illustration that accompanies each profile.