Dres. Héctor Domínguez Hernández y Victor Hugo Cruz Residentes de Imagenología Dan Inicio al módulo de musculoesquelético. Anatomía. La fascitis plantar es la causa más común de dolor en la base del talón. Cerca de dos millones de pacientes son tratados por esta condición cada año. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Anatomía clínica del tobillo y el pie | This paper emphasizes the anatomical substrate of several foot.


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Reumatol Clin ;8 Supl 2: These include the insertional and tobillo anatomia Achilles tendinopathies, plantar fasciopathy, inferior and posterior heel spurs, foot compartment syndromes, intermetatarsal bursitis and Morton's neuroma.

Tendinosis Peroneal

It is tobillo anatomia rather superficial anatomical review of an organ that remains largely neglected by rheumatologists. It is our hope that the cases discussed and the cross examination by instructors and participants will stimulate study of the foot and the attention it deserves.

Talus, in turn, articulates with calcaneus below and navicular in front at the subtalar joint talo-calcaneal-navicular joint Fig. The talocrural joint is a hinge that dorsiflexes and plantarflexes the foot. The subtalar joint, however, has an axis that is oriented upward, anteriorly and tobillo anatomia entering the posterolateral angle of the calcaneus and piercing the superomedial aspect of the talar neck.

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The talonavicular joint and the calcaneocuboid joint, although separate anatomically, are in the same transverse plane and jointly form the transverse tarsal joint Fig. The axis of this joint is longitudinal and follows tobillo anatomia second metatarsal.

Thus, motions at the midtarsal joint are rotatory motions along this tobillo anatomia.

The long tendons plantar flex the talocrural joint if they run posterior to the malleoli tobillo anatomia dorsiflex it if they run anterior. The same tendons, whether flexors or extensors of the talocrural joint, deviate the calcaneous tobillo anatomia and supinate the forefoot, or deviate the calcaneous out and pronate the forefoot depending on their position in reference to the axis of the subtalar and midtarsal joints.

As an example, in foot inversion, the tendons that tobillo anatomia out are those of posteriort tibialis plantar flexor and tibialis anterior dorsiflexor.


During gait, in the first half of the support phase, the axis passes through the center of tobillo anatomia heel and follows the medial border of the 3rd tobillo anatomia.

In the second half, the heel is lifted and the axis is directed inward.

Tobillo anatomia y biomecanica pdf

At the end of the step the axis lies between the first and the second toes. In comparison with the hand, the foot is specialized to one function, which is to allow the body to stand, walk and run, while the hand lacks specialization and is therefore able to tobillo anatomia infinite tasks.

The talocrural joint between the tibia, fibula and tobillo anatomia and the subtalar joint between the talus, calcaneus and navicular.

From Gray's Anatomy Ed.


The transverse tarsal joint between the calcaneus and the cuboid and between the talus and tobillo anatomia navicular.

He had a history of asthma and had received monthly intramuscular depo-steroid injections for over a year. In addition, he had just completed a week of a fluoroquinolone antibiotic for the treatment of a urinary tract infection.

On examination the left Achilles tendon was swollen and tender 4cm above the calcaneal insertion. tobillo anatomia


Ten days later the tendon had a complete rupture while visiting a museum in Madrid. The rupture had to be repaired Fig. Achilles entheseal organ inflammation.

He had had 3 episodes tobillo anatomia acute anterior uveitis. On examination the back of both heels was swollen and tender to the level of the posterior superior calcaneal angle.

Relevant anatomy Tobillo anatomia 1, 2 and 3The Achilles tendon 3 Achilles tendon concentrates and then disperses the insertional tobillo anatomia of 4 plantar flexor muscles that are essential for walking, running and jumping: The lateral and the medial heads of gastrocnemius arise from the back of the femur just above the lateral and medial femoral condyles, respectively.

Tobillo anatomia y biomecanica pdf - PDF Files

The knee joint capsule contributes fibers to both heads. The fabella is a sesamoid bone in the lateral head of gastrocnemius. Plantaris has its origin near the lateral head, runs an oblique course between gastrocnemius tobillo anatomia soleus, and inserts tobillo anatomia the medial aspect of calcaneus anterior to the Achilles tendon.

Soleus, a leg muscle, has its origin in the fibula, an arch between the fibula and the tibia, and the tibia at the soleal line.