The below material was excerpted from the book: Trance Formation of America: The True Life Story of a CIA Mind Control Slave. by Cathy O'Brien with. TRANCE Formation of America is the documented autobrography of a victim of govemment mind control. Cathy O'Brien is the only vocal and recovered survivor. This drift in meaning is significant, because the American Dream — and international variants like the Australian Dream, Le Rêve Français and.


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And despite all the benefits of globalization, the information revolution, and the rise of the service transformation of america, the transformation transformation of america community has left California and New York, like much of the rest of the nation, much more difficult to govern. At its root, that antagonism is driven by the fact that the constituencies that elect individual members of each legislature are, for the reasons explored above, less in tune with the interests, grievances, and concerns of those elsewhere in the state.


The "creative class" professionals who live in Transformation of america Jose and the Upper West Side are less apt transformation of america have sustained exposure to the struggles facing communities in California's Central Valley and in upstate New York. Because they live within their own clusters, the bankers and lawyers who work in the financial districts of New York City and San Francisco are less likely to mingle with the school teachers and firefighters who live in the outer boroughs and the relatively less expensive pockets of the Bay Area.

The Chinese immigrants and their children who settled in Flushing and the Vietnamese-American families who have made a home in Garden Grove are less likely to share common experiences with the Hispanic communities that live near each.

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And that evolution is not driven by the fact that Americans have become more prone to prejudice. Middle rings in California, New York, and around the country transformation of america disappeared because new technology has allowed members of all of these communities to double down on the relationships they prize most.

The circumstances that might have compelled younger transformation of america to invest in relationships that bridged ethnic gaps, or that provided some shared context — in wide-ranging civic associations, along the transformation of america of department stores, in reading the same newspaper columns, or in watching the same television programs — have been subsumed by the new routines of American life.

By any measure, there are incredible opportunities to be had in the new architecture of community.

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Given the choice, who would turn down the opportunity to be in more frequent touch with his closest friends and family? All things being equal, why not invest more heavily in relationships with those who share a common interest?

Transformation of america it is not hard to see why people transformation of america abandon the middle rings for relationships that offer both greater and lesser intimacy.


But in California and New York, the new architecture's effects on government have been stark. The spirit of compromise has been sapped from politics.

Each individual section of each state's honeycomb is less aware of the struggles or frustrations felt by communities living just across the highway.

Politicians, in turn, represent constituents less interested in negotiation, and more suspicious of those who live in increasingly alien pockets nearby. Leaders willing to strike a compromise transformation of america accused of apostasy, rather than lauded as keepers of the peace.

Cathy O'Brien (conspiracy theorist)

In sum, the transformation of American community has robbed each state's politics of a key element of the American community Tocqueville described in the s: Given that underlying revolution, the causes of gridlock in Sacramento and Albany are less difficult to identify.

For one, transformation of america generations of public servants — themselves the products of communities starved for middle-ring connections — will not be nearly so willing to strike meaningful compromises with their counterparts transformation of america the aisle or those joined to another faction in an intra-party fight.


But much more important is the attitude taken by their constituents: Absent a transformation of america to those living in other segments of the honeycomb, fewer voters transformation of america willing to stomach political compromise.

And public servants, aware of the vitriol in the electorate, will be more tempted, time and again, to obey the absolute marching orders they receive at the ballot box.

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Indeed, one of the most popular refrains of our day — that Washington is fundamentally broken — is heard from transformation of america at both ends of the political spectrum, and at every point in between. Even after several successive elections in which the public seemed to reject the status quo, the squabbling that appears to have hamstrung the political process never seems to transformation of america up.

In essence, the pessimism extends across the aisle.