From the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of Once and for All Expect the unexpected. Macy's got her whole summer. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of The Truth About Forever. It helps middle and high school students understand Sarah Dessen's literary. In this contemporary romance, Dessen (This Lullaby) gracefully balances comedy with tragedy and introduces a complex heroine worth getting to know.


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I have a big heart in my tiny body, so maybe even Caroline can squeeze truth forever sarah dessen there, also I have a lot of affection for Macy's father, and - if she wasn't so damn stubborn - Macy's mother could've won a little spot too.

I haven't enjoyed the side characters this much since maybe On the Jellicoe RoadTruth forever sarah dessen haven't cheered as much for the main characters since Anna and the French KissI haven't cared this much for someone's as a character death since Winter Longing or The Hunger Games as a matter of fact.

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Oh God, Truth forever sarah dessen simply love it! This is a story about loss, and I understand it; This is a story about first love, and remember it; This is a story about beginnings, and I am already there; This is a story about real life, and I am living it This is one of those beautiful books that I will grab some other time and read it again, and I really hope that I will be able to feel the same emotions, that I am going to love it even more.

I liked the way every character in the story handled the loss in their life and how different their truth forever sarah dessen were: Her fourth novel, Dreamland, was published in the fall of truth forever sarah dessen What do each of them offer to Macy?

What does Delia believe about bad things happening in her life? She narrows her life, shutting out everything that could possibly be a risk to her.

The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen |

During the time I was writing this book, there was a lot happening. Truth forever sarah dessen movie based on my first two novels was getting ready to come out, I was under a deadline…the list goes on and on.

While at first I felt a certain amount of pressure, Macy and her story soon became a sort of solace for me. But to really disappear into a story is never a bad thing, for writers or for readers.

: The Truth about Forever : Sarah Dessen: Books

She applies for a job, which she gets. Macy enjoys this new job and her new coworkers. There she meets the artistic Wes, who she later discovers lost his mother to cancer and attended reform school for breaking and entering.


During this time Macy's older sister begins to renovate their father's beach house despite reluctance from the other family members mainly from her mother. Her mother refuses to talk to Macy about the sudden death of her husband, Truth forever sarah dessen father; therefore she proceeds to put all of her time into her work.

Macy attends a party with some of her coworkers, where a drunk, former friend from the track team reveals to Macy's friends Wes, Kristy, Bert, and Monica that she had to witness her father's death.

Ignoring this information, everybody returns to truth forever sarah dessen party.