Urban Renewal in India is a comprehensive presentation of the theoretical, strategic and technical aspects of urban renewal. The term 'urban renewal' implies. Unlike their western counterparts the Indian urban settlements never had the Conceptual Framework of Urban Renewal: Indian interpretation. Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) was a massive city-modernisation scheme launched by the Government of India under Ministry  ‎Structure · ‎Coverage · ‎Implementation · ‎Midterm appraisal.


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Make efficient and increase self-sustaining capabilities of cities as per the sector proving infrastructural services by securing the linkages between asset creation and asset management[ citation needed ] Ensure adequate investment of funds to fulfill deficiencies in the urban infrastructural services.

Planned development of identified cities including peri-urban areas, out growths, urban corridors, so that urbanization takes place in a dispersed manner. Scale up delivery of civic amenities and provision of utilities with emphasis on urban renewal in india access to urban poor.

To take up urban renewal programme, i. Duration[ edit ] The duration of the mission is seven years beginning from December During this period, the mission sought to ensure sustainable development of participating cities.

If necessary, parastatal agencies may also be involved in the signing of moa. Signing the moa is a necessary condition to access jnnurm funds. This moa along with programme plans are submitted to the Urban renewal in india which releases funds in a phased manner on the basis of these documents.

Programme plans can be urban renewal in india either by the technical wing of respective ministries, or appraisal bodies identified by the Centre. The states eyeing jnnurm funds have to set up a parastatal structure. A state-level steering committee headed by the chief minister has to decide on and prioritise projects under jnnurm.

India's urban renewal plan goes wrong

The steering committee is assisted by a state-level nodal agency, which the state has to 'designate' a new or existing organisation which is not elected. All the projects have to be urban renewal in india by state-level steering committee before being submitted to mission directorate in New Delhi.

The jnnurm process is thus concentrated in the hands of chosen non-elected parastatal bodies. There is no scope for public debate.

Urban renewal of ancient India | The Indian Express

Urban planners and environmentalists claim that this is nothing short of catastrophic since greater water supply means more wastewater and sewage, and none of the recipient cities are equipped to handle increased sewage load.

Contractors will build huge infrastructure, possibly on city's natural drainage system, with easy line of credit. Worst affected will be the poor who will be forced to occupy urban renewal in india marginal land," says Solomon Benjamin, a Bangalore-based independent urban policy researcher.

But Rajamani claims enough precautions are being taken while sanctioning projects.


Preparation of project reports is ensuring a holistic view. Still while signing the moa, the Centre checks with the state if its basic urban renewal in india are met and the status of other projects.

It is expected that sewerage and urban renewal in india supply projects go hand in hand," he adds. And that is what is not happening at the field level. All the projects sanctioned for transport are flyover projects with a total cost of Rs 14, crore.

This is definitely not in keeping with the national urban transport policy, which promotes public transport. Rajamani acknowledges that flyovers alone cannot solve a city's transport problems.

Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission

We are learning by doing. Initially we were in a hurry to sanction some projects by March Hence, some flyover projects got cleared.


But now the mission directorate has become very strict and in its last meeting a decision was taken that no more flyovers would be urban renewal in india. We have demanded integrated transport plans that are in keeping with the national urban transport policy," he adds.

Shockingly, the Centre has also cleared projects, such as a "pipeline from Narmada main canal to Kotarpur water treatment plant" in Ahmedabad, that are illegal.