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Our personality type influences both the way we gather information and the decisions we make about that information.

Communication training with MBTI

Understanding these filters allows verkaufstraining telefon to communicate more effectively, motivate more appropriately, and manage more successfully. This seminar will present concrete ideas on how you can use knowledge of your own personality strengths and weaknesses to enhance your ability to present information that gets heard, valued and acted on.

You will complete the widely accepted Verkaufstraining telefon Type Indicator MBTI inventory and will receive personal guidance and coaching from an experienced and qualified instrument administrator.

You will participate in numerous exercises and discussions that will enable you to recognise the styles of others and to use that insight to build strong communication channels and team synergy.

CONSENSIS - Training im Bereich Verkauf und Management

Based on the theories of psychologist Carl Jung, it is widely used in the fields of business, education, and psychology. The two women were acquainted with Jung's theories and sought to apply them to help civilians verkaufstraining telefon wartime jobs well-suited to verkaufstraining telefon personality preferences.

Summary of the contents: What makes a person charismatic? How do motivational objectives work?

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The only thing still missing to ensure long-lasting verkaufstraining telefon is having the right clients — and having enough of those.

How do verkaufstraining telefon get recommendations without being schmoozy successful direct contacting your most valuable asset: The benefits you gain from a slight informational advantage and how to get it what is characteristic for you individually?

What is verkaufstraining telefon unique selling propostion? Employed by Mercedes-Benz AG, he became one of the most successful sales persons in Germany within a short period of time. His attention was then drawn to self-employment and financial services where he was a long time executive and eventual CEO of a very successful nationwide finance verkaufstraining telefon business consultancy.

Nowadays, as a trainer, coach and author, he lets others participate in his success and profit from his know-how verkaufstraining telefon many years.

Verkaufstraining telefon more than twenty years of experience in selling, dealing with various topics and customers alike, make his trainings, lectures and coachings an inspiring experience.


Due to his long-time efforts in the training of personnel, the focal point lies on the motivational practicability in real, professional life.

Why and how did you become a sales verkaufstraining telefon I have turned my passion — the education of verkaufstraining telefon people that I had until then only executed for my own team — into my profession.

Verkaufstraining mit Wiebke Wagner - Verkaufsexpertin und Verkaufscoach

This was a decision in favour of enjoying what I was doing. Since verkaufstraining telefon, I feel that my job is not a duty but a pleasure. What do you mean by this?

Many sales people are excellently educated professionally.

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  • Balanced Selling
  • Martina Röll – Organisationsentwicklung & Coaching
  • Wofür steht CONSENSIS ein?

However, the personal and sales part of their education is neglected. And that is a pity, since the true potential for more success lies verkaufstraining telefon there. Could you give an example?