In the back of the magazine store on the corner, I find the gun magazines. It's hard to miss them. There are dozens, more than you'd imagine. Temporary Price Reduction! Guns and Ammo. Guns GUNS & AMMO TV. GUNS & AMMO TV GET THE MAGAZINE Subscribe & Save. Temporary Price. A magazine is an ammunition storage and feeding device within or attached to a repeating firearm. Magazines can be removable (detachable) or integral (internal/fixed) to the firearm.‎History · ‎Detachable box · ‎Function and types · ‎Box.


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M16 STANAG and round magazines Firearms using detachable magazines are made with an opening known as a weapon magazines well into which the detachable magazine is inserted.

The magazine well locks the magazine in position for feeding cartridges into the chamber of the firearm, and requires weapon magazines device known as a magazine release allowing the magazine to be separated from the firearm.

It has shoulders to retain cartridges when it is removed from the rifle. It operates reliably with cartridges of different lengths. It is insertable and removable at any time with any number of cartridges. These features allow the operator to reload the gun infrequently, carry magazines rather than loose cartridges, and to easily change the types of cartridges in the field.

Magazine (firearms)

The magazine is assembled from inexpensive weapon magazines sheet metal. It also includes a crucial safety feature for hunting dangerous game: The first successful semi-automatic pistol was the Borchardt C and incorporated detachable box magazines.

Nearly all subsequent semiautomatic pistol designs adopted detachable box magazines. The Luger pistol was accepted by the Imperial German Navy in This version is known as Pistole In the German Army adopted the Luger to replace the Reichsrevolver weapon magazines front-line service.


The Pistole 08 or P. The M semi-automatic pistol set the standard for weapon magazines modern handguns and likewise the mechanics of the handgun magazine.

In most handguns the magazine follower engages a slide-stop to hold the slide back and keep the firearm out of battery when the magazine is empty and all rounds fired. Upon inserting a loaded weapon magazines, the user depresses the slide stop, throwing the slide forward, stripping a round from the top of the magazine stack and chambering it.


In single-action pistols this action keeps the hammer cocked back as the new round is chambered, keeping the gun ready to begin firing weapon magazines. During World War One, detachable box magazines found favor, being used in all manner of firearms, such as weapon magazines, light-machine guns, submachine guns, semi-automatic and automatic rifles.

However, after the War to End All Warsmilitary planners failed to recognize the importance of automatic rifles and detachable box magazine concept, and instead maintained weapon magazines traditional views and preference for clip-fed bolt-action rifles.

As a result, many promising new automatic rifle designs that used detachable box magazines were abandoned.

Magazine (firearms) - Wikipedia

As World Weapon magazines II loomed, most of the world's major powers began to develop submachine guns fed by to round detachable box magazines. However, of the major powers, only the United States would adopt a general-issue semi-automatic rifle that used detachable weapon magazines magazines: As the war progressed the Germans would develop the Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle concept with its round detachable magazine.

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After WWII, automatic weapons using detachable box magazines weapon magazines be weapon magazines and used by all of the world's armies. Today, detachable box magazines are the norm and they are so widely used that they are simply referred to as magazines or "mags" for short.

Function and types[ edit ] SKS internal box magazine.