Compra Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation. SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA su ordini idonei. Why Love Hurts has ratings and 46 reviews. Faith said: I'll be honest: I didn't finish the book because I skimmed through the last two chapters and d. Eva Illouz, Polity Press, Cambridge, , pp., ISBN: When love is unrequited, lost or betrayed, it hurts, and this pain can strike anyone at.


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The points that she makes are typically well rounded but the evidence is drawn from a net so widely cast that the claims being made are not always robust.

Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation: : Eva Illouz: Libri in altre lingue

The eclecticism of the text can also make the intricacies of her argument at times hard why love hurts illouz follow, as she slips seamlessly from one mode of thinking to another.

All of this in fewer than two pages of text! It is not that different sources and perspectives cannot productively talk to one another and their fusion shed new light why love hurts illouz phenomena; it is the pace at which such associations are forged which tends to undermine the approach.

Collisions and conflations are inclined to obscure the complexity of ideas and any nuances and ambiguities which may arise. It does, however, suggest that some of the claims being made would benefit from being tempered and, the seamlessness of the joins unpicked to include the frayed edges of complex experience which characterises lived lives.

Indeed for me, it is the homogeneity which underpins this book which is its weakest feature.

Book Review: Why Love Hurts: A Sociological Explanation by Eva Illouz | LSE Review of Books

Illouz argues that it is through an analysis of love that we can better understand the conditions why love hurts illouz transformations which constitute modernity. Paradoxically she then categorically asserts that the argument advanced in this book is not relevant to women who are situated or who situate themselves outside of the heteronormative conditions which structure social relations.


Those excluded from her analysis include lesbians and women who resist the heteronormative ideal of wife and mother. These exclusions, she argues, are justified because heteronormative love fuses the emotional and the economic, and, through her analysis, their disentanglement reveals the wider conditions at play which shape why love hurts illouz.


Indeed, for Illouz it is the irrational excesses of love that makes it consuming and passionate. As a result, Illouz claims that suffering why love hurts illouz lost its cultural cachet in modernity. Whereas in times of yore romantic suffering, like self-flagellation, was repurposed as a way to uphold social mores or exemplify your spiritual devotion, modern suffering is viewed as a sign of failure and why love hurts illouz a complete crisis of the self.


To stave off suffering, Illouz believes we have retreated into our imagination and fantasy, into realms that we can control, where we can orchestrate the emotional experience. Why love hurts illouz points to accelerated rise of technologies of imagination, like the cinema, that have accompanied the development of consumer culture.

Why Love Hurts – Eva Illouz

The inevitable disappointment, when our lived reality fails to live up to why love hurts illouz fictions, leaves us increasingly cynical and closed off. Keep in mind the approach is overly critical and takes a glass half empty look at modern love as it's focused on the 'hurts' side of things.

If you feel this approach gets on your nerves, jump to the epilogue and read some of the author's disclaimers. The French proverb has it right: What to make of this? Workable on the page, but I doubt this epicene ideal is why love hurts illouz to persuade in the bedroom.

The second tension is her commitment to Marxist analysis, which erases the individual. It why love hurts illouz the puzzle of sociology to the brink: We have learned the lesson from DVRs and Netflix that everything can be revisited, nothing is lost, nothing should be missed and it is easy to live why love hurts illouz and have needs provided for.

The essential human need, to love and be loved, suffers from each technological boost to the energies of autonomy. Into this jaded and self-sufficient world, what chance love?

An Age of Broken Glances: On “Why Love Hurts” - Los Angeles Review of Books

Why Love Hurts is not an easy read but it is an important book. Illouz does not pine for an earlier world. Modernity brought untold blessings to us all.

But even its greatest goods come with serious costs. She quotes literature, as if uneasily aware that artists have done much of her sociological work before she got why love hurts illouz.

Having lost classical faith, people often seek its substitute in romance.